2015 skate exposure-meter

The 2015 Skate Exposure-Meter Top 20.


OVERALL: Chris Joslin Jousts Jaws For 2015 Exposure-Meter Title

Words & Analysis by Mike Lewis

For the last few months, Aaron "Jaws" Homoki has been watching the rest of the pack creep up on him, but with a solid mix of ad and edit coverage throughout the final months, it looked like it would be enough for him to defend his 2014 title. Enter Chris Joslin's December edit blitz. With backing from etnies, Bones, and Active, Joslin was able to take advantage of a slow December for Homoki to not just close the gap, but surge ahead for a decisive 5k win, leaving Homoki and Brandon Westgate to settle for second and third respectively.

While the remaining seven in the top-ten stayed steady to close out 2015, Sheckler climbed one into 6th, last year's runner up, Torey Pudwill, fell two to eighth and Rowan Zorilla made his first top-ten appearance, climbing one to end the year in ninth.

Huge congrats to Chris Joslin, who joins skateboarding's elite Exposure-Meter champions, and he did it in well-rounded style, capturing not only the overall title, but also claiming the top spot in the Edit and in the Ad race. See you next year!

2015 skate exposure-meter


EDIT: Seeing Double – Joslin & Homoki Go 1 & 2

The song remained the same on the Edit front as Chris Joslin, who was right on Aaron Homoki's tail coming into December, capitalized on a slow month by Homoki's to gap into the lead on the edit side as well with just a single spread of coverage. It may have been marginal, but was enough to take the lead and clear the 20k mark on the year, a club that only Chris and Aaron can claim in 2015. To put this in perspective, last year's one-two combo, Wes Kremer and Dylan Rieder, ended the year at 18k and 17k apiece marking a year of expanded mag coverage as all three major pubs beefed up their page counts.

2015 skate exposure-meter

2015 Skate Exposure Meter magazines tabulated for the Year-End results.

AD: Ad Tallies Soar In 2015 As Joslin Grabs The Win

Just as in the Overall and Edit Wars, Chris Joslin found his momentum at just the right time, surging past Aaron Homoki, who seemed a shoe-in for the win, to end the year with nearly 19k of support from his sponsors.

This tally is not only good for Joslin, but it bodes well for the industry as well. Last year's top Ad man, Ishod Wair, tallied just 13,200 points on the year, and 2014's total tally had nearly 20k fewer ad points than 2015, marking a combined addition of more than 40 pages of ads. While not a huge change, it's a trend in the right direction.

2015 skate exposure-meter

The top three logos for 2015 Skate Exposure-Meter.

LOGO: Vans Fends Off Nike For The 2015 Title

For most of the year, Nike looked like it was on track to repeat its 2014 Exposure-Meter title with yet another win. That is until Vans's logo started popping up everywhere this fall. The swoosh has been ubiquitous for the past few seasons and had a huge lead for most of the year, until Vans manage to take a huge lead in September and jockeyed to hold off Nike through the final pages of 2015's mags, grabbing this year's titles by only two looks.

Together, Vans and Nike combined for nearly as many points as the rest of the top ten, marking a serious branding juggernaut as 2013's winner, Independent, logged just 139 looks. It's gonna be really interesting to see what 2016 brings!

2015 skate exposure-meter

Top skate photographers of 2015.

PHOTO: TransWorld's Chami Repeats To Capture The 2015 Title

After years of Thrasher-led dominance, Dave Chami took the title home for TransWorld last year with a come from behind win. Proving it was more than a fluke, Chami pulled off the same feat yet again this year marking a new force in photo led shred and growing page counts across all titles.

Chami trailed all-time leader, Thrasher's Michael Burnett, and TSM's prolific Jefferson Atiba, through the final month of the year before dominating TWS's December issues beginning with his epic in-camera cover edit celebrating enjoi's 15th anniversary.

Chami finished the year with nearly the exact same tally he captured last year, marking his best year yet with the addition of 500 points, and being followed up by Atiba and Burnett, the only other two lensmen to come close.

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2015 skate exposure-meter

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