Chris Evans has been named as the Vice President of International Business and Sustainability Initiatives for Stokehouse Unlimited

Orange County, California- Stokehouse Unlimited, owner of the brands Vissla, Amuse Society and D'Blanc, is pleased to announce the appointment of Chris Evans to the position of Vice President of International Business and Sustainability Initiatives.

Chris joins Stokehouse after four and a half years with the Patagonia brand where he served as Global Commercial Director for Surf and General Manager for Latin America while also involved with other environmental initiatives and projects such as Chris Malloy's film, The Fisherman's Son.

Paul Naudé, CEO for the Stokehouse brands said, "We're really pleased to welcome Chris to the team. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in this specialized field which will be a valuable addition to our rapidly growing international momentum while also elevating our efforts related to minimizing environmental impact."

Chris Evans said, "In a lot of ways this feels like getting the band back together; I worked directly with Paul [Naudé] for the better part of eleven years before Patagonia and much of the talent behind the Stokehouse brands are close friends & former colleagues. Paul is an industry black-belt, fiercely dedicated to protecting our coastal environment, and I'm very excited to contribute to the success the Vissla, Amuse Society, and D Blanc brands have already achieved."

Throughout their careers Naudé and Evans have worked together on numerous ocean-related environmental initiatives and both currently serve on the board of SIMA's Environmental Fund.

About Vissla:
Vissla is a brand that represents creative freedom, a forward-thinking philosophy, and a generation of creators and innovators. We embrace the modern do-it-yourself attitude within surf culture, performance surfing, and craftsmanship. This is a surf-everything and ride-anything mentality.

About D'Blanc:
Expanded by experience, perspective turns what we do and what we see into the beliefs and values that guide our way. It is the filter through which we construct meaning from the tangle of modern madness. It shapes the way we see the world and frames our sense of self. It is everything. Feed your eyes and feel the feeling, this is our perspective.

About Amuse Society:
Amuse represents the coveted beach lifestyle its founders embody, with a completely original twist. Rock 'n' roll vibes blend seamlessly with sand-between-her-toes style, creating a signature aesthetic that screams, "That's so Amuse."

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