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Questions answered by Cynthia Surette, Director of Design, Creative Director and Head of Product Development.

What are the three biggest trends you see shaping the market and what are you doing to meet them?

The three greatest trends we see are in new Yarns, Textures, Graphics. We travel the world looking at trending in cities like London, Tokyo, Montreal, LA.. Since we are an independently owned, Family Mill in Canada we make a point to provide the latest in forward setting trends.   We release extensive new styles every season, with only a quarter (estimate of the record) of the favorite sku's being retained for another season. Those who know us well, know that our Booth at SIA has an enormous array of collections and new styles each year that few can compare to.

Below are the areas of emphasis.


YARNS: High performance yarns, high elasticity, technical liners, synthetic blends, merino wool, compact, fine gauge.

TEXTURES: High performance materials, glossy and matt mixes, two-tone effects, double-knits with relief, structured facings, geometric stitch combinations.

TRIMS: minimalist, reflective, glossy, lacquer.

GRAPHICS: micro-prints, optical illusions, combo of mini and wide stripes, asymmetrical geometrics, striking poster-like design, color blocking, digital patterns.

COLORS: Intense, contrasting colors, a range of deep tones, sublimated with futuristic notes.


YARNS: Luxury yarns like cashmere, merino wool; melange, loose voluminous boucles,thick 'n thin, two-tone small grain yarns,

TEXTURES: cozy hand knits, cables, loft and volume, structured facings, asymmetrical stitch placements, mixed stitches & textures, coarse gauges.

TRIMS: nostalgic influences, cuddly mouton, Sherpa, hunting lodge elements, fur and faux-fur, handcrafted details.

GRAPHICS: micro-prints, wide-striped knits, graphic jacquards, asymmetrical patterns or surface interest, checks, stripes, patchwork

COLORS:  Bright, energetic, a nostalgic multicolored range to carry the past into the future.

What new technologies are youintroducing to your line?


We use Innovations in existing machinery to create new textures and structures in knit. We have an expanded emphasis on performance products to address consumer demand for more sophisticated technical features. Increased attention to branding elements, in-store displays, and POP. This season we have updated our Web site and increased our variety for retailers with the shopatron facilitated commerce site.

An example in technical product is the expansion of the Chaos Thermal RegulationCollection, with new lines and styles in EVO- TECH, UHB- Under Helmet Beanie, and FITS ALL 4X – four way stretch.

How are you assisting retailers with promoting and merchandising these products?

We have various local and regional programs and events to support local retail.

We use social media vehicles,html newsletters to engage our customers, public relations and have a sponsored team.

Chaos Headwear and CTR- Chaos Thermal Regulation works with nationwide grassroots programs to support our regional retail. With Chris Anthony as the spokesperson, a pro-snow team, and ten top event programs, Chaos Headwear is positioned for a year of great snow and warmer heads.

The eight events nationwide allow the brand to be invested locally and build deeper retail relations regionally.  The events focus on all snow sports including, freeskiing, alpine, snowboarding, and snow camps for kids, and youth initiative programs. Below are all the programs;

-Warren Miller Films

-Big City Mountaineers

-Protect Our Winters

-SOS Outreach

-Windells Camp

-Outdoor Outreach


-American Foundation for Children AIDS