Not many people can claim the title of Sales Rep Of The Year for their company. Even fewer people can say that their company gave them a brand new SUV to reward them for the job well done. Only one dude can claim both of these accolades on the same day his daughter was born. How's that for a holiday bonus? In the spirit of busting the bad economy blues, Transworld Business caught up with Ron Depp to discuss the award and the new wheels.

TW: How long have you been with DC?
Two years, since December 2006.

TW: How long have you been a sales rep? What other companies have you repped for?
It's been about 26 years. I started with Victory Wetsuits and Teamgear clothing back in "the day." Thanks to Greg Wade and Greg Jensen for believing in a kid from NorCal. I've had the pleasure of working with Mango, MB/Byrne Surfboards, Instinct, Wave Rave Outerwear, Sims Snowboards, Double Up Wakeboards, K2 Snowboards, and most recently Spy Optics. I also have been in and out of retail, which is a key part of my background as a rep who understands the other side of the counter. I started out at Miramar Surfboards in Half Moon Bay, did a few years at O'Neill Surf Shop, and also co-owned Snowave Snowboard Shop in Squaw Valley.

TW: What do you think is the best part about your job?
The cast of characters I've worked with over the years, at DC as well as my account base of amazing retailers. I go to work each day in a T-Shirt with a hat on to sell fun and a lifestyle. That's what got me going in the industry was to have fun, live the lifestyle, meet chicks, and try to make a living. So far so good!

TW: What was your initial reaction when you heard the news? Did you already expect it or was it a shock to win Rep of the Year?
I was stunned at first even though I thought it was in reach over the last few months. It was a very proud moment to have accomplished such a great award given the group of reps DC has working for them. I knew that Mike Lowder and Tanner Irion were close and either of them deserve to earn the Rover.

TW: How do they measure who wins?
Everyone at DC voted for the best looking guy or gal, didn't you hear? No seriously, it was based off increase in sales over the previous year by category and demographic, as well as monthly AO biz and any contests here and there.

TW: Congratulations on your new little girl, and your new Range Rover.
Thanks! It was quite a day, December second. Veronika was born at 9:03 a.m. in Santa Cruz, which put me on Cloud Nine. While at the birthing center, I was missing the DC fall/winter sales meeting. Mark Miller surprised me with a phone call and in turn had me patched over the intercom in front of all my peers to announce I had won Rep of the Year. This was about the best day a guy could have.