Mitch Abshere founded Captain Fin on the premise of having fun. The concept behind the fins was to put a creative twist on a product that is already a staple within the surf industry, and together with key athletes and artists, Abshere has been able to come up with slightly different ways to put the brand’s artistic mark on its range of fins, T-shirts, and other accessories.

Abshere had a chance to sit down with the crew of The Break at Agenda Long Beach to discuss his thought process in founding Captain Fin, where the name came from, and his strategy behind the brand, which has allowed himself and his small staff to continue to be innovative and inspired.

“We just try to keep it a place where people want to come and work there, and enjoy it,” says Abshere of Captain Fin’s Oceanside headquarters. “Especially when you have to get up everyday and do some of the same stuff, you want to have fun. Life’s short. It’s going to come and go so quick, and I want to actually enjoy what I’m doing and make the best of it.”

To hear more, give our in-depth interview with Abshere a quick read, in which he shares his thoughts on the creative process, managing his retail location Captain’s Helm, and much more.

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