RockSteady Skate Snow Surf
Unit 101 833-102 ave
Dawson Creek B.C Canada
V1G 2B4

Tyrell Supernault has played a key role  in his local skate community for more than a decade. At age 16, Supernault worked for a friend who opened a core shop called Shoved. The catalyst behind creating a fresh retail location was spurred from the realization by Supernault and his crew that many shops in the area did not have roots in skateboarding or feel compelled to support it, he says.  Over the course of six years, the Shoved crew, lead by Supernault and his close friends, built a  following and was able to rally many within the community to support the creation of a skatepark, which was later built by New Line Skateparks.

In 2008, Shoved closed it’s doors. Not settling for the loss of a core skate shop, Supernault and his fiancé Jennifer Nguyen decided to pick up where their friend left off, opening another shop known today as RockSteady—a 2,000 square foot space in Dawson Creek, B.C Canada, that prides itself on being as real and transparent as possible.

“We are what you would call “Rider Owned/Rider Operated,” says Supernault. “It’s a new standard for shop owners so you can’t be a fake bitch and f*** your community over, or cheat kids out of every cent by charging them for free stickers that you got for P.O.P.”

The shop doesn’t have an online presence or e-commerce, which Supernault says is mainly because  “We prefer customers for life, rather than a customer for a day.” Staying true to its loyal customer base, RockSteady maintains a healthy inventory of skate hardgoods and supports local B.C.-based brands like MegaDestoyera clothing and accessories brand that also doubles as micro brew company.

We caught up with Supernault to learn more about the shop and take a tour through RockSteady’s main headquarters. Check it out in the gallery below: