California's legislature officially recognized the state’s $92 billion outdoor industry yesterday by passing AB 1918, otherwise known as the bill to create the Office of Sustainable Outdoor Recreation.

This makes California the 8th state to recognize the outdoor recreation economy through a formal state office.

oia california

Photo: Courtesy of OIA

"A state-level Office of Sustainable Outdoor Recreation will lead to increased participation in the outdoors by a broad range of Californians as well as a healthy environment for companies involved in our outdoor recreation economy," said Matt Lyon, president and CEO of Oakland-based HydraPak. "We're excited to see the focus on this important sector that provides over 690,000 jobs throughout California."

California outdoor industry

Joshua Tree National Park is a prime location for climbing, hiking and camping. Photo: Courtesy of OIA

Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) Executive Director Amy Roberts added, "OIA looks forward to working with this new Office of Sustainable Recreation to support California's outdoor recreation economy, the largest of any state. We also want to thank the legislative authors and coauthors as well as our California members who urged their legislative leaders and administration officials to support this office and the recreation economy of California."

Once the office is up and running, OIA will work closely with the office to further advance the outdoor recreation economy in California. OIA will also continue its work across the country, identifying other states interested in taking a leading role on supporting their local outdoor recreation economy.

AB 1918 now heads to Governor Brown for his signature.

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