In a story published by the Orange County Register on June 9: SAN ONOFRE STATE BEACH, Calif.  – Nicole Archuletta looked down at her naked body and shrugged.

“No tan lines,” said Archuletta, 25, sitting in a beach chair on the sand next to her husband, Kevin. “It’s just natural.”

On a recent weekday, Archuletta was just one of a handful of beach-goers who stripped down to nothing but sunglasses at Trail 6 at San Onofre State Beach, a small stretch of sand encased by 50-foot-tall, rocky cliffs, reachable by a short stroll down a curvy dirt path.

Trail 6 is a secluded area abutting Camp Pendleton property where beach-goers can let it all hang out — literally. The 1,000-foot beach, one of few “clothing-optional” beaches with a lax approach to nudity, has been a safe haven for “naturists” for decades.

That might change in the next month, as the state sets out to crack down on nudity at the beach, in a move that has some longtime locals fuming and worrying about where they’ll go. State Parks started an educational period today, warning beach-goers of the change, and start citing after Labor Day, officials said. They will not be asked to put their clothes on until enforcement starts.

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