Burton’s Jeff Boliba on The Sessions @ SIA 2015

Snowboarder’s Creative Director Pat Bridges sat down with Burton’s Jeff Boliba, VP of global resorts, to dive into his role and ways he is making an impact when it comes to retention and overall participation. Industry veteran Boliba has helped grow Burton's Learn To Ride (LTR) program from a handful of locations to 188 destinations in 22 countries since he’s been at the helm.

“I’ve been there for almost 15 years now at Burton and seen the ups and the downs,” says Boliba. “One thing that never fades is our commitment to snowboarding and the rider; trying to build participation. That’s really important to Jake and Donna—they’ve given me the ammo to do this all over the world. It’s fun for me because I get to touch all assets of the sport and really be involved from that first entry level to the next levels that we’re engaging.” 

Sit down with Boliba as he shares the story of how the Riglet Parks came to be, with the impetus being his one-year-old son and then leading him to brainstorm the idea of creating a “playground” at the mountains.

“This experience-based fun, with guided discovery—it’s magic,” says Boliba of the Riglet Park’s birth. “That was my big thing, having young kids; I wanted to breakdown every barrier, so if that kid could fit in the boot, they could snowboard.”

For a more in-depth read on Boliba and Burton’s Learn to Ride program, check out the story that was published in our July 2014 issue.

Sessions-SIA15_Boliba_MantleEditors Note: The Sessions @ SIA is a video series produced by TransWorld Business in collaboration with SIA Snow Show, featuring some of the most influential snowboarding brands, executives, and athletes. Stay tuned to TransWorld Business as the next videos in the series roll out, including Zeal, Evo, Jones Snowboards, Burton, and Capita, to name just a few.

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