Since 2013, Burton has been switching their materials to FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified snowboard and shipping materials. Today, they announced that they received a FSC Leadership Award for all of their efforts towards responsible sourcing and forest management.

Sustainably harvested wood used in Burton’s snowboards.

Burton’s factory in Australia – which produces roughly half of their snowboards – sources all of their materials within a 250-mile radius, using FSC Certified wood for the snowboard’s core and scrap wood to heat the factory and all of the presses.

According to Burton, “Wood snowboard cores are one of the most important materials in our snowboards, so we fully certified our supply chain to ensure that 100 percent of our snowboard cores are made from responsibly harvested wood that meets the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council.”

According to Burton’s sustainability mission, “FSC Certified wood is verified to not be harvested illegally, in violation of traditional and civil rights, in forests where high conservation values are threatened, in forests being converted to plantations or non-forest use, and in forests where genetically modified trees are planted.”

Burton’s manufacturing process in action.

They also recycle sidewall and base scrap materials, as well as recycle the water used in production through a closed loop process which reduces water usage by 50-percent. In addition, all of Burton’s factories run on 100-percent renewable energy.

FSC was founded in 1993 to help consumers and businesses identify products from well-managed forests. FSC sets standards by which forests are certified, offering credible verification to people who are buying wood and wood products.

More than 5,000 companies and nearly 160 million acres of forestland are certified under FSC standards in the United States and Canada.

Head to their website for more information.

All photos courtesy of Burton.

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