Burton Snowboards launched its new website today and its new catalog dropped as well. The site has great visuals, navigates well, and features the company’s huge new line for ’08/’09. It also confirms the rumors that some major shifts have been made in the company’s team.

Based on a comparison of the new site and the old team list here’s the haps:

Moving on up:
Danny Davis, Mason Aguirre and Kevin Pearce have moved up from the Burton Team to the Global Team. The Burton Team also has a number of new names. Congrats go out to:
Mark Sollars
Gabi Viteri
Ellery Hollingsworth
Kim Rune Hansen
Sina Candrian
Yuki Furhata

There are also quite a few names missing from both the Global and Burton teams.

The riders no longer listed on the Global Team are:

Romain De Marchi
Keir Dillon
Ross Powers
JP Solberg
Anne-Flore Marxer

According to Burton, “Keir Dillon is very much a part of Burton, but not on the Global team and the same goes for JP (Solberg), and Sami Saarenpaa.”

The riders no longer listed on the Burton team are:
Elena Hight
Mitch Reed
Wyatt Stasinos
Sami Saarenpaa
Hannes Metzler
Morgan Lefaucheur

Here’s a list of last year’s Global and Burton Teams: