Bra Boys swept the international field of acclaimed documentaries, winning Best Documentary at the 2008 Movie EXTRA Filmink Awards held March 12 in Sydney, Australia. Bra Boys was nominated alongside Academy Award-winner Michael Moore's Sicko, Sundance-nominated “Crazy Love,” “Forbidden Lies” and the multi-award winning “Shut Up & Sing.”

Bra Boys director Sunny Abberton accepted the award Wednesday, March 12, at the star-studded, red carpet event at Sydney's State Theatre.  He said this award was particularly gratifying as it provided further critical acclaim to back up the film's commercial success as the highest grossing, non-IMAX documentary in Australian history.

"It has been an incredible journey from the drama and controversy of the film and its surrounding real live events to achieving cimematic success and recognition," Abberton said. "I am looking forward to the film's release in the United States next month as it has universal themes that have strong parallels with youth issues impacting American society."

Sal Masekela co-founder of Berkela Films said, "The timing of the film's U. S. release couldn't be better. Hollywood and pop cultures' fascination with surfing is at a fever pitch.  Russell Crowe lends his distinct voice to a story about brotherhood and survival that is as powerful as the ocean itself. Berkela Films is proud to share the tale that ignited a firestorm of controversy in its native Australia while simultaneously breaking box office records.  Now it's America's turn to meet Bra Boys."

"The social issues in Bra Boys are so closely related to inner city issues in the United States," said Jason Bergh co-founder of Berkela Films. "Not only will this film inspire the action sports community, but it has Hoop Dreams potential to reach out to a much larger audience by explaining an against-all-odds story."

The 2008 Movie EXTRA Filmink Awards program described the film as passionate and honest, stating, "After only a couple of weeks in the cinemas Bra Boys became the most successful Australian documentary of all time. Though criticized for glamorizing the titular surf gang from Maroubra Beach, Bra Boys sizzles with an honesty, sincerity and passion that can only come from a filmmaker at close quarters with his subject."

Go HERE to check out the official trailer for “Bra Boys.”