Bonnier Corp. has announced the formation of the Bonnier Innovation Lab. The new initiative is designed to accelerate early stage growth of start-up companies that are offering progressive new methods for the way media is created, distributed and consumed.

"Bonnier Innovation Lab is centered on accelerating company growth via access to expertise and customers that the founders would otherwise not have access to as an early stage company," said David Rich, director of the Bonnier Innovation Lab. "We can provide invaluable feedback to help drive the best possible end product, as well as provide a source of early revenue that many start-ups struggle to find."

Four start-up companies will be chosen for a 14-week program slated for next January through April 2013, set for Bonnier's Boulder, Colorado, office. Prospective companies can apply for the program at The program seeks applicants whose core customers would be media companies such as Bonnier as well as bloggers/blog networks, mobile/tablet publishers, multimedia distribution, online news outlets, television, movie studios, social media networks' and photo and video-sharing providers.

During the 14-week program, the topics discussed will include Product Development Cycle; Audience Development, including SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing and Community Management; Content Strategy; Email Marketing; Consumer Marketing/Consumer Behavior; and Investor Relations. Outside speakers and Bonnier staff will take part in the seminar portion of the program.

For the program, Bonnier is partnering with the Global Accelerator Network, which consists of independently owned and operated regional organizations that operate high-quality start-up accelerator programs. The Network provides professional development, networking opportunities, training, consulting and ongoing support for members.

Again, companies that want to apply to participate in the inaugural Bonnier Innovation Lab session can apply at

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