Rooted in Southern California culture, Body Glove has been focused on giving people the tools to pursue their love of the outdoors – and namely the ocean – for 65 years.

Throughout its evolution as a brand, the company has always held true to this ethos, and today – although much has changed within the surf and action sports market – Body Glove continues to push that message through its growing expansion into activewear, and swimwear made for surfers and athletes.

body glove create happiness tour

A recent yoga session at Body Glove’s retail location, Dive N’ Surf, in Redondo Beach, Calif. Photo: Mike Vavak

National Sales Manager Mike Vavak, who is leading the charge for Body Glove’s new “Create Happiness” international yoga tour and local Huntington Beach running meet up, calls the growth a natural extension of what Body Glove embodies.

“The concept [for the tour] came from practicing yoga and wanting to share this happiness with others,” Vavak said.

From there, he began organizing with many of the retailers that carry Body Glove’s active line. The result has been an outpouring of local community support from the West Coast, East Coast, Puerto Rico and Canada – with more locations still to be announced.

body glove create happiness tour

A runners’ meet up at the Bolsa Chica Wetlands in Huntington Beach, California. Photo: Mike Vavak

In addition, Vavak is working hand-in-hand with Katin Surf Shop to connect the local Huntington Beach community through a monthly runners’ meet up, which is growing with help from the two businesses as well as local Fit Bar Super Foods Cafe.

The underlying message is simple, yet powerful, and Body Glove is hoping it continues to bolster and highlight a growing mentality within the action and adventure sports community. We caught up with Vavak to hear the details.

Where did the “Create Happiness” message come from and what are some of the ways Body Glove is working to promote that message?

"Create Happiness" came from realizing happiness is a state of mind that’s created from within. It’s a state of well-being where we let positivity in and leave negativity out. It’s about working toward your goals and dreams with passion and joy.

This summer we have a handful of events to inspire people to "Create Happiness" in their own life.

body glove create happiness tour

The "Create Happiness" Yoga Tour is a partnership between Body Glove and some of our retailers to provide free yoga sessions. I just returned from our event in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and was blown away by the overwhelming response. We partnered with CrashBoat and El Estudio for a sunset yoga session on the beach.

Stay tuned because there will be at least two more yoga events this summer in Puerto Rico, and more event dates being added across the board. Check for updates.

We also joined forces with Katin Surf Shop and Fit Bar Super Foods Café for a community walk/jog/run at the Bolsa Chica Wetlands. These meet ups will be held on the first Friday of the month at 4 p.m. and are free to everyone.

Body Glove has its roots in the ocean and beach culture, but why does this fitness and mindful message make sense as an evolution of the brand’s ethos?

body glove create happiness tour

Body Glove Active Spring/Summer 2018. Photo: Body Glove

Fitness and a mindful message go all the way back to the reasons Bill and Bob Meistrell started Body Glove.

The twin brothers started Body Glove because they were looking for a way to spend more time in the water. They accomplished their goal by making the warmest wetsuits on the market for 65 years.

Fast forward to today, and there is another element to staying in the water longer than everyone else; that's where working on your mental and physical game comes in. Training on land makes it possible for you to play in the ocean, lakes and rivers much longer.

Bob Meistrell's motto was "Do what you love, love what you do". Bob's goal was to create happiness for his family, friends and millions of others. I just want to keep his fire for a happy life burning.

Talk about the Body Glove team and who embodies this message? Is Body Glove looking to broaden its scope of “influencers” in the fitness and yoga space?

Body Glove create happiness tour

Embracing the wellness and yoga community in their own backyard. Photo: Body Glove

Tatiana Weston-Webb is a prime example of "Creating Happiness." The focus and determination it takes to make the WCT has to come from a positive place. She put all her love and passion into reaching her goal and now she inspires girls from all around the globe to reach for their dreams. All the women on the Body Glove team embrace the "Create Happiness" message.

We also recently signed Valarie Santiago-Torres from Puerto Rico. She owns El Estudio in San Juan and is the instructor for our "Create Happiness" events in Puerto Rico. She is full of love and life. Check out her studio next time your on the "Island of Enchantment".

You also teamed up with Katin to start a monthly running meetup. Why do you think running is a natural brand extension?

body glove create happiness tour

Our active line is designed for people who want to wake up early and watch the sunrise over the ocean horizon, or take an afternoon jog along a familiar path. Push yourself to the farthest limit, or go at a slower pace. Whether you're an urban yogi or an outdoor adventurer, Body Glove active makes something for you.

We plan on organizing more running meet ups down the road and look forward to meeting more people in communities around the globe.

In terms of next season’s collections, will activewear have a more dominant presence than previous seasons?

Yes, we’re focusing on making the majority of the active line stand on its own, but will offer plenty of pieces that tie back into the swim collections.

What particular pieces are seeing the best response at retail and outperforming the rest?

body glove create happiness tour

Body Glove’s Nylolite fabric is making a big impact at retail. Photo: Body Glove

We are having huge success with our Nylo-Lite fabric. We created this fabric so your active wear will retain its shape longer. The Nylo-lite fabric feels so good it's like another layer of you.

Why does BG feel it's the right move to embrace the fitness and active outdoor message? What opportunities exist within this market and how much growth does the brand expect to see from events like the Create Happiness tour, etc.

body glove create happiness tour

Body Glove is taking a grassroots approach with a polished product. Photo: Body Glove

Embracing the fitness and active outdoor world go hand-in-hand with Body Glove's love for the ocean. Get outside, do what you love and create happiness.

The opportunities for growth are endless because there are so many grassroots ways to market. All it takes is passion and imagination. That's all I'm going to say about that because there's plenty of competition out there.

Anything else exciting you’d like to share about new directions the brand is headed and the overall transition to a new owner?

body glove create happiness tour

One of the brand’s greatest assets is our 65-year history of making products that create happiness. We're really excited to be working with new owners who value Body Glove's rich heritage and the Meistrell family's amazing contribution to the surf and outdoor world.

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