Ben Raybourn Captures Skate Exposure-Meter Lead, Hawk Soars In Social

Ben Raybourn takes the reins through March’s mags.

Scroll through the gallery for all of this month's print and social Skate Exposure-Meter standings, as well as overall social stats across all sports with the Hookit Athlete Index:

January – March 2013




Tony Hawk's Reign

Logging well over 1.2 million interactions in March, Tony Hawk is the undisputed master of the Athlete Index title with Rob Dyrdek and Alana Blanchard rounding out the month's podium. Skaters are dominating the leader board with Blanchard claiming the only non-skate spot in the top six. Shaun White and James Stewart claimed the only snow and moto spots at seventh and ninth respectively. Shane O'Neill made his top-ten debut this month logging nearly 420k interactions.


Hawk Flys Away With The Lead

Logging nearly 1.3 million interactions in March, Hawk has soared to a commanding lead over runners up Dyrdek and Sheckler. The skate field is stacked though so he definitely needs to watch his back. While Shaun White is the only snowboarder to stack over a million interactions in 2013, Hawk broke three million, Dyrdek cracked two, and Sheckler, Huston, and P Rod are all over the one million mark. March was also a big month for Mike Mo who nailed nearly 400k and debuted in the top ten at number nine.

Ben Raybourn Tops The Charts

Well, it had to happen sometime. The Crailtap Camp has been dethroned from the number-one spot on the overall Exposure-Meter ranking. Topping the charts is newcomer Ben Raybourn, who has had a lot of changes this month. From 1031 to Slave to now Birdhouse, he seems to finally have found a place that suits him, and the onslaught of coverage means we all like him there, too

Raybourn's coverage attack actually began in late 2012, when he graced the cover of the TransWorld SKATEboarding Buyers' Guide. But this month, he came through with a Thrasher cover, whopping 16-page interview, and a bunch of other photos.

Is it emblematic of a change in what's popular? Raven Tershy's second place ranking supports the theory that "all-terrain" is surpassing traditional street as the genre du jour, but only time will tell.


Raybourn Reigns

Ben Raybourn's 16 pages in Thrasher put him over the top (and into early-candidate status for Thhasher's S.O.T.Y. for 2013), but the previous placeholders are all still very much in the race. Julian Davidson climbed the charts with a cover-and-interview of his own in this month's TransWorld SKATEboarding, but other than that the top ten remained fairly static.

Ad Whores

It's always interesting to see what's shaking on the advertising front, as it tends to be more of a planned-out annual place-in-the-rotation sort of thing. If you have enough sponsors, and the teams you're on aren't enormous, you could do very well for yourself on ads alone.

Jim Greco and Daewon Song made big impressions this month, swooping up first and second from last month's leaders, Sean Malto and Raven Tershy. Greco has Supra and Deathwish to thank (and a Deathwish video on the horizon as motivation), and Daewon got in with some Matix and DVS support (Daewon also had a The Skateboard Mag cover to give him a boost in the editorial department).

PHOTO Phinish

Atiba Snaps Up The Lead

Photo-wise, The Skateboard Mag's own Atiba Jefferson finally surpassed Ben Colen's early lead, thanks to both a Tony Cervantes interview and an Emerica tour article. Colen keeps plugging away, though, and is still a string second place. Newcomer Sam Muller is still coming through with not only great photos, but lots of them. Expect big things from this guy.


Independent, Nike, Lakai, and Spitfire still heald steady in first, second, third, and fourth spots on the logo board, but Vans jumped up to fifth, bouncing Converse to 6th.  New to the party through March's titles were adidas and Bones, while Creature got bumped off the top-ten bus. It will be interesting to see how the rest of the year plays out.