A few weeks ago you viewed our video of Ken Block giving a tour of his new Ford Fiesta Hybrid Function Hoon Vehicle right before the X Games. Now it is time to see the car in action.

DC and Ken Block have done it again with the production of Gynkhana FOUR: The Hollywood Megamercial, taking production and entertainment to the next level. Watch for yourself below and also take some time to browse through the picture gallery of photos shot behind the scenes at the making of the mini-film.

From the release:

“With each Gymkhana film, we’ve raised the bar, making it tougher and tougher to outdo ourselves," said Block. "So we opted to go over the top on FOUR with a big Hollywood production and Universal Studios provided the perfect place for it. The backlots provided real life obstacles, plus an extremely varied collection of settings all just minutes from each other. Without question, Gymkhana FOUR is the most ridiculous film we’ve done yet, but it's also packed with some of the hardest and most dangerous driving I have done in these films.”

Block and his team brought out the big guns on Gymkhana FOUR by joining forces with famed director Ben Conrad and his production company LOGAN, one of themost respected Hollywood production houses in the business. Known for his work on Zombieland, famous iPod commercials, and most recently as title designer on 30 Minutes or Less, Conrad had a distinct vision and plan for the Gymkhana FOUR video. Conrad utilized the most innovative technology in cameras, lighting and effects, including a revolutionary GoPro array camera setup that was custom fabricated to allow multiple GoPro cameras to be strung together to shoot footage in unison, creating a Matrix-style bullet time effect.

"The Ken Block Gymkhana videos have become a viral phenomenon, so we really wanted totake it even further and blow everyone away with this video," said Jeff Taylor, VP of Marketing at DC. "That’s why we brought on Ben and his team at LOGAN. They are known for their cutting edge approach and using the most advanced filming technology. The level of production on Gymkhana FOUR is unparalleled. Between LOGAN’s film editing, Block’s skills, and Universal Studios, Gymkhana FOUR is above and beyond what everyone is expecting."