What began as a little business adventure six years ago for Ben and Bobby Hundreds has blown up into a full fledged phenomenon. The clothing line incorporates lifestyle, attitude, functionality, and a street style that has kids all over the nation asking how they can get their hands on some Hundreds clothing. Recently we sat down with Bobby Hundreds to see what they are doing this spring in their 2010 streetwear line.


What are the key design elements/trends going into your Spring 2010 line?
Continuing The Hundreds' tradition of Los Angeles Lifestyle / California culture.  Reminiscent of mid-90s skate aesthetic with '80s Cali relaxed surf. And most importantly, maintaining a strong work wear influence.

What are the biggest changes that you're making from last year?
[There aren’t] too many changes.  If anything, staying consistent with what we've always done and who we've always been.  Perhaps the only thing we've changed hasn't been so much about the design, but about the offerings.  Staying core with an emphasis on made-to-sell pieces that are very tried and true to our look.  Instead of getting too risky or conceptually weird with pieces that might not necessarily fit within our style.


What colors, cuts, fabrics will we be seeing more of for men and women?
Our customers come to us for our plaids and woven's, so we're always concentrating on our custom yarn-dyes and unique patterns.  Also, our denim is a strong character piece.  The washed denim is one of the best offerings from The Hundreds, hands down, I believe some of the best denim in our category. I personally enjoy working on our fleece program because I believe that hooded sweatshirts and pullovers represent the sum of California streetwear.

How about less of?
Less wackness.

What influences and inspirations have gone into the coming line?
A recall to the heyday of the skate era of my youth.  Bold, punchy colors, but muted with darker undertones.  Relaxed, lightweight fabrics. Fun and levity, fashion shouldn't be so serious or pushy.  It should make you feel comfortable and confident.

What direction are pricepoints and retailer margins heading in for you?
We're constantly faced with the challenge of categorizing ourselves as a more limited, exclusive streetwear brand, but targeting niche and core skate shops who consider us a little too pricey for their customer.  I think we've found a happy medium there though. We're priced appropriately for the limited offerings that we produce, and the quality of our garments. If it's a little out of reach for certain customers who aren't willing to pay that extra dollar, we're probably not for them.  But thankfully most of our partners believe in us and have strategically positioned us within their retail fronts, and the sell-through has been promising.  The Hundreds is about providing a product that is timeless, will last for years, and never goes out of fashion.


What changes are you seeing on the business side?
We're definitely growing, and with that comes growing pains. Adding more pieces to the deliveries, being more strategic and thoughtful about our SKU’s and how we sell to our partners – Just always striving to be the best young brand that we can be, chasing the big boys but also doing it on our own terms.

Is the number of SKU’s in your line expanding or contracting? Why?
They contracted slightly during the initial recession hit, in the face of so many of our accounts' doors closing and with limited partners to work with. But now that we see a trend towards resurgence, we're confidently building the line, edifying the line with a diverse range of quality garments.

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