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When the Omatic crew isn’t hard at work making boards, shredding the gnar, or coming up with crafty new ad designs, they are sitting down with TransWorld Business discussing the finer points of market strategy, board specs, and fart jokes. We caught up with Todd Richards, Jason Kanes, and Tanya Otero for a BIZ-Omatic Behind The Lines Bonanza.

How are macro economic trends impacting next year’s Omatics?
When we started we wanted to bring high performance boards to market that retail under $400 not because it's now trendy to be thrifty but because we wanted more people to be able to afford snowboards. We will continue to focus on making affordable high performance goods as well as keeping fart jokes alive and well in snowboarding.

What's on the horizon for next year's decks?

More of keeping it ext-rareal.

What are the three biggest forces shaping the changes and developments you've made?

Coffee, Family Guy, and actual snowboarding.

Extr-eco-154 -$335

Are you guys launching any new models?

Yes, we are introducing a new model in the Extr-eco category: The Wiggle Stick featuring B.S. technology (bowed surface).

What board categories do you see leading sales next year?

All mountain freestyle or as we like to say creative riding.  Snowboarders are looking to be creative regardless of their given terrain per region.  Our product line has an eclectic offering that considers each individual type of riding whether it's pipe, park, all mountain or parking lot. We tend to think about the snowboarders who can only buy one board every few seasons so although each board targets specific riding styles they are really designed to be good all around advanced weaponry for the selective snowboarder.

What's gonna be your best selling deck? Why?

If history repeats itself, the Extr-series will continue to sell out first due to being a twin tip that is offered in two types of technology; the standard Otech and also the B.S.tech.  This is also offered in 149-160 with all good sizes in between.

What market segments are you focusing on?

We are focused on every type of snowboarder.  We do this by offering a diverse selection of products that address all types of riding in all types of regions.  We interact with the kids on the hill, camps, parking lots, etc.  We offer affordable prices, we give our retailers good margins.  We do this because we love to snowboard and we want more people to snowboard.

Any new materials or construction technologies?

New B.S. Technology (bowed surface) new carbon and Kevlar placement, pro preferred stance options, new diamond polished base, and eco friendlyish materials.

What themes are you seeing for graphics?

Games, politics, bright colors, madness.

What are price points doing?

All [of our] boards [are] under $400 as always [and] starting at $299.

Super – 149

Nothing puts a smile on your face like bunny rabbits, unicorns and smokestacks spewing rainbows like the new improved Super.