Established in Denver in April 2009, GRO, or the Grass Roots Organization Project, is an apparel brand that has gathered a collective of diverse individuals dedicated to continuing artistic growth. In its quest to stay true to its individual roots as artists, the brand quickly joined forces with fellow Denver-ites BC Surf And Sport.

“We recognized that BC’s core values and independent culture aligned very closely with our brand ideals and vision,” says GRO Marketing Director and Cofounder Matt McDonald. “Quality products and creative design further solidified the partnership.”

As the retailer-brand partnership continued to grow, a new project took form in the shape of collaboration skateboards, and due to the success of the first collection, the crew has joined forces yet again for a second release with the Lion collab board, which is hitting retail shelves soon.

GRO is also launched a Facebook contest today around the new collaboration, offering the chance to win a Lion collab board. Check out the details at

We sat down with McDonald and BC Surf And Sport Buyer Matt Reeves to find out how this partnership and project are creating stronger retailer and brand ties, helping generate sales, and promoting the local skate scene.

What do you hope to accomplish for the brand through collaborating with BC Surf and Sport?

Matt McDonald: After the success of BC’s debut collaboration in 2010, we hoped to further establish The GRO Project brand within BC as a bridge between core action sports enthusiasts and the fashion forward streetwear market.

What are some of the important details about the Lion collab board?

MM: The Lion is a symbol of our pride. The GRO Project’s pride is reflected in our sense of community to support creativity and desire to innovate. Apparel products, hard goods, digital media, fine art and collaborative projects such as this are the tangible bonds that resemble our brand’s identity.

What does working with GRO mean for you as a retailer? How does this help your business overall?

MR: We are always looking for brand of the future and when we started with GRO that is exactly what they were. We hope that when people are looking for something new that BC is their first stop.

Why did you decide to partner with GRO?

MR: I’ve known these guys for years and have always admired their Artistic vision and what they do in our community. If there’s a chance for their art on our boards. Call it done!

What’s important about the Lion collab board that you are educating your staff on in order to sell the product?

MR: The most important thing is that this isn’t just “another shop deck”. It’s all about supporting who supports you.

What can we expect to see in the future from GRO X BC – more collaborations? Other projects?

MR: This is actually our 2nd Collaboration, the first went so well we just had to do another. As for the Future.. Only time will tell. I am looking forward to what comes next.