Bart Simpson & Santa Cruz Skateboards Team Up

Santa Cruz released The Simpsons-inspired skateboard line in July

Santa Cruz released The Simpsons-inspired skateboard line in July

Matt Groening brought The Simpsons to life over 23 years ago, and their iconic place in American history now moves to the skate world. The skateboard legend himself, Bart Simpson, has paired up with Santa Cruz to create the first ever, one-of-a-kind line dedicated to the cartoon character’s roots. Well, to be specific, 20th Century Fox has partnered with the skateboard brand, but we need to pay homage to an icon who “took skateboarding to the mainstream…even before Hawk,” says Jeff Kendall Vice President of NHS (parent company of Santa Cruz Skateboards, Independent Trucks, Creature Skateboards, etc). “We’re stoked to have him [Bart] on the team.”

Santa Cruz released the boards in skate shops and online at the end of July 2011. “Certain models will be limited [edition], while others we’ll keep in the line longer-term,” explains Kendall.  “I know The Simpsons fan base is pretty massive but I wouldn’t say we are targeting a mass audience really…I think the boards are going to have some broad appeal. Both The Simpsons and Santa Cruz span generations of fans.”  Kendall believes the boards will attract the collector, the hard-core skater, and everyone in between.

The Simpsons Skateboard Line By Santa Cruz, photos courtesy of

The line is made up of seven pieces, five completes, and two decks. Kendall breaks down the details of these collector’s-boards:

“1. The Bart Model is a replica of the board you see him skate on the show. This one was fun to make because it is so iconic, it’s gotta be the most famous fictional skateboard ever. It’s a true “jammer”, a primitive but skateable fun-board. This will be highly collectable and it comes with a custom sticker pack.

2. There’s a Duff Pintail board, which is essentially built off our classic pintail Cruzer shape. It has metallic ink, Bullet Cutback trucks, a Duff can graphic on the grip, Road Rider wheels and a bottle opener built into the deck, just like the Land Sharks you did a piece on last year.

3. The Homer is a super-wide, popsicle shape, with cut-ins that follow the shape of Homer’s head. This in the same vein as the Screaming Foot boards we’ve done, with a crazy shape that is still totally rideable. The complete comes with soft, donut-graphic Road Rider wheels and the deck comes with a Duff reusable static can decal.

4. The Homer One is something we’re really hyped on. If you remember the Roskopp series, this is a parody of the Rob 1, but with Homer’s arm breaking through the target. It’s on the same reissue shape as the original Rob 1. The complete is a mini version (8.3″ x 26″) which is still totally rideable for anyone.

5. Rounding out the line is the Duff Can. It’s 10.5″ wide, so it’s really easy and comfortable to ride. It’s shaped like a giant can of Duff beer. It’s hilarious but functional- a head turner for sure! It comes with Krux trucks and OJ Hot Juice wheels.”

The project marks its place in history, along side the infamous “D’Oh!” and “Thank you, come again.” Kendall promises more collaboration between Santa Cruz and The Simpsons is still to come.

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