hOme Watches Signs with Arto Saari

hOme Watches proud to announce the latest news of Arto Saari joining hOme watches as the first skater on the international team. Arto is joining snowboarders Travis Rice, Gigi Rüf and Mark Sollors.

About hOme Watches

We imagined opening our own shop one day. We would call it hOme, and share it with our friends. We were too young of course, but we had to do something. So we did, two brothers and a couple of t-shirts. That was 12 years ago, we were kids. We grew up: snowboarding, skateboarding, graphic design, travels, new friends and life's experiences became ingredients. A third brother joined us in Canada while time kept feeding that simple idea: to offer a piece of hOme to everyone, even when your journey leads you to strange places. This is a story about travelling in order to experience the meaning of the place we each choose to call hOme. It is a story about time and space, about small things and big ideas, and how going places effects you, even if it's just down the street. So where and when became inspirations. Ironically we never did open a shop, but our passion for craftmanship and details in product design naturally led us to the know-how closest to us: Watchmaking.

The door is open, welcome hOme

Jak, Eddy, Steve