Skaters throughout the world blew off their obligations and tore up the streets worldwide for the International Association of Skateboarding Companies 9th annual Go Skateboarding Day.

“There are a few times in life that everything feels complete – June 21st is one of those times,” says Sole Technology SVP of Marketing and IASC  Chairman Don Brown. “Every day is skateboard day, but June 21st is when the global skateboard family gets together and celebrates as one. A simple idea has turned into the most energetic events on the planet!  And the best thing….it’s only going to get better! Roll on, roll on, roll on!”

On June 21, skaters throughout the world showed off their tricks, participated in contest, and enjoyed free food, drinks and giveaways. Countless people participated in GSD and TransWorld Business caught up with dozens of shops, brands, and organization throughout the world to see how their Go Skateboarding Day went. Check out the gallery and captions for the story from events around the world including in Los Angeles, Vermont, Florida, Orange County, Afghanistan, Romania, Oroville, North Carolina, Oregon, Hawaii, and Colorado.

064 Path Hawaii
065 Path Hawaii
012 Wild in the streets
009 Wild in the streets
062 skatefest.jpg
063 skatefest
066 Path Hawaii
067 Path Hawaii
068 Path Hawaii
001 Wild in the streets
069 Path Hawaii
070 Path Hawaii
075 BLACKLIST Boardshop
056 blacklist.jpg
057 blacklist.jpg
013 Wild in the streets
002 Wild in the streets
003 Wild in the streets
071 Path Hawaii
061 skatefest.jpg
011 Wild in the streets
060 skatefest.jpg
059 skatefest.jpg
055 blacklist.jpg
058 blacklist.jpg
034 Skating The Fish
035 Skating The Fish
036 Skating The Fish
037 Skating The Fish
038 Skating The Fish
039 Skating The Fish
040 Skating The Fish
017 Graffiti Skate Zone
041 Skating The Fish
042 Skating The Fish
027 Skateistan 1
002 Wild in the streets
003 Wild in the streets
010 Wild in the streets
030 Skateistan 4
033 Skateistan 7
004 Wild in the Streets
005 Wild in the streets
006 Wild in the streets
007 Wild in the streets
028 Skateistan 2
029 Skateistan 3
031 Skateistan 5
049 Wilsonville's Go Skateboarding Day
050 Wilsonville's Go Skateboarding Day
051 Wilsonville's Go Skateboarding Day
052 Wilsonville's Go Skateboarding Day
053 Wilsonville's Go Skateboarding Day
054 Wilsonville's Go Skateboarding Day
018 Graffiti Skate Zone
019 Graffiti Skate Zone
020 Graffiti Skate Zone
046 Street Ice Wax 4
047 Street Ice Wax 6
008 Wild in the streets
044 Street Ice Wax
043 Street Ice Wax 1
045 Street Ice Wax 3
021 Orange County
022 Orange County
023 Orange County
024 Orange County
025 Orange County
026 Orville
048 Talent Skatepark Vermont
072 Path Hawaii
073 Path Hawaii
074 Path Hawaii

This year, there were over 600 events posted on the GSD website. The site had over 72,000 visits in the last 30 days, up nearly 30,000 from last year’s 55,000. On June 21 alone, the site had almost 26,000 unique visits, according to IASC Marketing Director Laurie Bergthold.

Not only was Go Skateboarding Day about going out, skating and having a good time, many organizations used the day as an opportunity to raise funds and awareness for their causes.

For instance, Skateistan brought together 180 children on the streets of Kabul, Afghanistan in celebration of Go Skateboarding Day.

“Since 2007, one of Skateistan’s primary goals has been to build trust and friendship between people from different cultures and backgrounds,” Skateistan’s media kit states. “The desired outcome for Skateistan is, through GSD, to achieve more awareness, more advocates and more understanding between different nationalities, religions and socio-economic backgrounds. Skateistan believes GSD has untapped and unlimited potential for bringing people together.”