Arnette ACES Dibs Moolah

Arnette ACES launches Dibs and Moolah

Arnette is changing up the sunglass game again with the release of the second installment of their Arnette Creative Exchange System (A.C.E.S.) collection. The latest models to receive the A.C.E.S. treatment are the Dibs and Moolah, which come with two sets of interchangeable arms and can also be swapped out between the two different models. Watch this video to learn more about Arnette’s ACES collection:

A.C.E.S. gives you the ability to express yourself by offering interchangeable parts so you can customize your sunglasses to match your style preference. You have the option of keeping your frames stock, changing both arm components at the same time, or alternating colors whenever you want a little variation.

The Dibs is a classic throwback to the era of hotrods, greasers, rumbles and pinups. It is a large, aggressive sunglass, with a squared-off 6-base frame that comes in six different colorways.

The Moolah is a vintage-inspired frame, featuring a timeless, 6-base round unisex style and tons of retro flavor in seven different colorways.

Arnette Ambassador, Todd Richards, demonstrates how the A.C.E.S. system on the Dibs and Moolah here:

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