Mikey Marohn Wins the Young Gun Award

Crystal Mountain, WA – February 9, 2011 – Stevens Pass’ Tim Carlson and Squaw Valley’s Iris Lazzareschi were bestowed the Katana sword at the 4th Annual The North Face Masters of Snowboarding  presented by PrimaLoft® and Swatch at Crystal Mountain.

“Some of the top riders in the world coupled with amazing weather, sunshine and great snow led to some of the best riding we’ve seen,” said Competition Director Patrick Brennan.

Tim Carlson, in his first The North Face Masters competition, took first place with an 86.67, executing the most creative line of the day with good style, turning where others were side-slipping, with smooth billy goating and a straight line out of some gnarly rocks at the bottom. Canadian Jonathan Penfield scored an 85.33, and last year’s Crystal champ and local boy Forrest Burki, who took a straight-line, 19-second run, took third with a score of 84.00.

“I was stoked, it was awesome.  One of the biggest reasons I competed was because of the judging panel,” said Tim Carlson. “After a good qualifier run, I checked out The King, and picked the sickest line and stuck with it.”

On the women’s side, Iris Lazzareschi came off the top under the start, wrapped around into a chute that was facing the judges, into a super gnarly windblown chute, catching an air and blasting out at the bottom.  She showed great control and stomped her run with an 84.33.  Laura Hadar took second with an 80.00 and Kirkwood’s Casey Lucas took third with 75.33.

“I totally didn’t expect to win, all of the women are amazing riders,” said Iris Lazzareschi. “I picked a line down the fall line that I wanted to rip, and executed it exactly the way I wanted to.”

21-year old Mikey Marohn from Jackson was going for a line that was technically difficult, throwing a 360 in the middle, followed by a big air.  “He knows how to read the mountain, understands the terrain and the conditions and rides accordingly,” said Judge Julie Zell. “He throws freestyle into the big mountain, and has a good path set up for him.”

About The North Face Masters presented by PrimaLoft® and Swatch
The North Face Masters is an open, three-stop, competitive snowboarding tour providing the best big mountain snowboarders in the world with an all-natural stage to express skill, creativity and athleticism. In an arena designed and built by Mother Nature, it’s a unique opportunity for elite riders to mix style with cliffs, chutes, and powder.  Athletes are judged based on their lines, control, fluidity, creativity and style; 2010 winners Aaron Robinson and Shannon Yates excelled in these areas.  In addition to the $15,000 cash prize purse at each stop of the tour, TNF Masters also recognizes riders under the age of 25 that demonstrate raw talent and innovation in their riding style for the Young Gun Award.  One Young Gun is selected at each Masters stop, as well as a series overall; award recipients embody the big mountain riding culture and are the future of the sport.

The North Face Masters of Snowboarding at Crystal Mountain is presented by PrimaLoft® and Swatch and is supported by The North Face, Subaru of America, Mountain Sports International, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., Scott, Comcast Sportsnet, Snowboard Magazine, Clif Bar, Snowbird Ski & Summer Resort, Crystal Mountain and Kirkwood Mountain Resort.