Tour Global Sales Guys’ Offices With Marty Carrigan

Marty Carrigan knows a few things about the snowboarding industry. From holding things down as vice president of global sales and marketing for Morrow Snowboards during its heyday, he has since gone on to shape the platforms of Palmer, Grenade, and Boa before launching his own company, Global Sales Guys, which he describes as a “modern B2B strategic sales and marketing management solutions for companies, brands, and products in the action and sporting goods markets.”

After 25 years in the business, Carrigan has seen the ups and downs in action sports and feels it’s been way too much down lately, which fired up the impetus for Global Sales Guys.


Marty Carrigan shows us the new Picture Organic line at his Battery 621 showroom.

“In short, I have been listening to specialty retailers and there are some alarming trends happening at specialty retail,” explains Carrigan, listing the following:

  1. “Everyone is selling less for less.
  2. Everyone is trying to be different by being the same.
  3. Everyone there fore is competing on price and price alone with each other and the internet.”

“This is not a sustainable model and the only way to improve the situation is to:

  1. Increase your average sale price and ‘add more premium products to your mix in all categories.
  2. Differentiate to ‘put the special back in specialty.’
  3. Improve your gross profit contribution—’40% margins are not sustainable in today’s ‘compete on price model’—demand higher margins and find and support brands that offer you higher margins!

Carrigan says his sole purpose at Sales Guys, which is based in Denver’s Battery 621 building along with Icelantic, The Public Works, CompanyBe, and Spyder to name a few; is to bring these solutions to specialty retailers with a unique model and brands that break this mold.

Sales Guys is currently working with an interesting array of brands including APO SnowDeeluxe Boots, Icelantic, High Society, BlackStrap, Isaora, Picture Organic, Discrete, and Level Gloves, all of whom bring a different story and sales model to the mix.


As we stroll through the showroom, Carrigan tells us that we should “remind everyone in our business that we sell fun! We sell experiences! We sell lifestyle! Remind anyone that owns/works at a ski and snowboard shop or owns/works at a supplier that life is good and business can get better. We need to stop trying the same things and expecting different results. Stop trying the same things unless you want to go out of business! Get out, go riding, try some new brands and products in all categories you carry and engage your consumers with what you do well. Find the cool new stuff! At the end of the day consumers come to your shops to see the latest and greatest new products to make them have more fun on the mountain—not the same stuff they can buy in department stores!”

The model seems to be working. Sales Guys, which was founded in Carrigan’s Steamboat home, recently opened its Denver showroom, has brought on several new employees, and greatly increased its brand portfolio as Carrigan strives to bring something completely different to the mix. A refreshing proposition in today’s retail scene.