Nikita Co-founder Heida Birgitsdottir

Amer Sports, parent company of Salomon and Bonfire, announced today that it is acquiring Nikita for an undisclosed amount.  Annual net sales of Nikita are approximately EUR 8 million.

Brad Steward, Head of Action Sports at Amer stated, "Amer Sports is filled with people who skate, surf and snowboard, and we've got great brands with Salomon Snowboards, Bonfire and now, Nikita. Nikita will give us a broader portfolio in the area of Action Sports, complementing Salomon snowboards and Bonfire. Amer now has a platform to grow with new consumer groups and bring a broader range of exciting, authentic products to market".

Nikita offers apparel "For Girls Who Ride" with a full year offering. Nikita sales are mostly in Europe and distributed selectively also in North America and Asia. Nikita originates from Iceland, where co-founder Heida Birgitsdottir is based. Said Birgitsdottir of the purchase, "We are all really pleased to work with a company that can give our brand and our customers a solid base. As the Head of Design, I'm excited to see what we can create with Amer Sports' support"

Nikita Co-Founder and Brand Director, Runar Omarsson stated, "We are all really excited to be a part of Amer Sports. The resources of the Amer Sports provide many expansion opportunities for Nikita".