For the past few years, San Clemente-based brand ambsn has been dreaming up a collection with renowned indie band Modest Mouse.

The collection — which dropped in time for the band’s Fall 2017 tour — has been years in the making and was conjured up through a mutual blending of creative minds from friends Dylan Odbert of ambsn and Modest Mouse frontman Isaac Brock.

ambsn x modest mouse

A detailed look at the patch on the Duster Jacket.

Odbert, who grew up a fan of the band, finally had a chance to meet them at a local California show. From there, the friendship took off and inspired Odbert and his brother and ambsn Co-founder, Dustin Odbert, to visit Modest Mouse’s Portland, Oregon, studio.

“When I went up there I had about two or three ideas for this collaboration, but by the time I got on my flight home I had filled up an entire Field Notes book,” Dylan explains.

ambsn x modest mouse

Modest Mouse x ambsn mushroom hat.

The collection includes The Duster jacket, an ultra-soft chenille mushroom crew fleece, and a series of black light, glow-in-the dark show posters featuring puppies, snakes, and several other offbeat designs.

The limited edition collection is like nothing the band has ever offered before, and is available at all of its tour stops, as well as at and

As the second volume video around the collection dropped this morning, we caught up with Dylan Odbert to hear more.

ambsn x modest mouse

The ultra-soft chenille mushroom crew fleece.

Interview edited for length and clarity.

Where did the collective design inspiration for these pieces come from?

The inspiration behind the Modest Mouse collaboration was a process that started with me growing up listening to them and going to their shows any chance I could. I even named a print after one of their songs, "Cowboy Dan."

After a year of sending them wovens, we finally met after one of their shows out in Pioneertown. That night I sat on the tour bus and listened to Isaac tell wild stories from the road, and that was the beginning of our friendship. A few years later, Dustin and I had our first visit to their studio, "Ice Cream Party," in Portland.

The studio was once an old check printing factory, but now it’s basically this amazing gallery/creative space full of really cool shit: instruments everywhere, display cases filled with glowing crystals, colorful path cables for synthesizers, unique taxidermy, and pretty much anything that reacts to a blacklight.

ambsn x modest mouse

One of several graphic tees dreamed up by Odbert and Modest Mouse.

What was it like collaborating with Isaac and turning his ideas into tangible pieces?

Collaborating with Isaac was incredible, and it was a true collaboration: he would come up with an idea and we would build on it together. When I felt like the piece was finished, he would make me dig deeper to make it even better.

Whether it was adding a rolled cuff to the woven instead of the standard hem, or having all of the tour posters blacklight reactive with fun details like black flocking and hidden glow-in-the-dark messages, collaborating with Isaac and Modest Mouse truly expanded my creativity and pushed me to become a better designer.

ambsn x modest mouse

A special kitten poster from Odbert and Brock.

Does Modest Mouse x ambsn have plans for future projects? Can you enlighten us on any details?

Right now we are focusing on the current project and they are on the road right now touring until October so we will see what happens next.


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