Introducing AGENDA WMNS

Soak up what AGENDA WMNS has to offer this Summer the first Women’s dedicated newsletter. Check out the new WMNS highlights showcasting at AGENDA Long Beach.


Agenda reveals their newest showcase, AGENDA WMS, where female-centric brands take the spotlight. Catch up with Vanessa Chiu, Agenda’s newest Director of Women’s Sales and Merchandising, in our profile feature where she explains the addition of a women-centric platform to Agenda as a “very natural evolution.“Here’s a sneak peek at the exclusive brands that will be exhibiting in Long Beach this July.

Beach Riot at AGENDA

Beach Riot is a California beach babe swim brand, a mix between contemporary chic and surfer girl. Beach Riot splashes into the tradeshow season at Agenda this July, launching Resort 2013 & Spring/Summer 2014 Collections. After the success of our first year, Beach Riot is proud to debut our newest Collections, along with a new hush hush accessories line. The highly sought after Stone Cold Fox// Beach Riot Collaboration will be making an appearance again this Season, with a brand new Collection. Make sure to stop by our booth to see what the RIOT is all about!

Motel at AGENDA

Leading British fashion label Motel is back at Agenda this season and will be showcasing a brand new collection of striking print-led styles with a signature unique flair. The London based design team take inspirations from vintage one-offs, global street style and retro fashion to create trend-setting must-haves with added attitude! From laid-back daywear and printed denim to form-fitting party dresses and body-con basics, Motel’s fast fashion ethos brings brings regular collections of wearable, affordable and covetable pieces to the style hungry and carves a distinct and colourful path across the fashion landscape.


TAVIK returns to AGENDA

Southern California lifestyle brand, TAVIK Swimwear, returns to AGENDA with an expanded line of 2014 swimwear sillouettes. Fostering originality, the modern beach culture brand delivers a tropical palate of prints on a variety of next generation designs. Preview the line and meet the girls. We can’t wait to see ya!




Insight returns to AGENDA

Welcome to the dark side of the rainbow, where the only way to experience the natural world is in bright and hyper real color; as seen through the distorted lens of technology. Visions of the jungled earth of old are filtered by green light and disrupted with static noise.

Insight’s Spring 2014 Collection pays homage to 90’s street and sports wear through the styling and juxtaposing of silhouettes.




STANCE unravels the spool of convention to create an original canvas worthy of the art it is paired with. A commune of creativity, STANCE is dedicated to the spirit of individuality. Celebrate bold experience expression with this free-thinking fabric as it becomes thread poetry in motion. Introducing our collective of silently loud and quietly bold STANCE beautiful punk & poets: Bambi Northwood Blythe, Kassia Meador, Margaux Arramon-Tucoo, and Imogene Barron.
Instagram @stance_gal #howwekickit


Vitaly Design at AGENDA

Sleek lines, chiseled edges, and subtle highlights—Vitaly Design produces jewelry & accessories inspired by the towering bluffs of Bali and the urban cityscapes of the world’s metropolises. Exotic woods, metals, and ceramic are blended into beautiful, eye-catching pieces that look as good on the runway as they do at the bar. With three well-balanced collections, Vitaly Design has established itself by paying fine attention to detail and finer attention to its fans and friends.

A progressive lifestyle brand at the core, Vitaly Design caters to musicians, artists, athletes and executives alike, constantly seeking to embrace and contribute to the many faces of fashion.

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