Agenda Show and Dew Tour are two icons in their own right.

Each draw on the culture and lifestyle of streetwear, music, skate and action sports, appealing to a youth audience obsessed with transparency and engagement with the brands for which they're most loyal – and of course, the industry that thrives on this youth consumer. And both call Long Beach home.

agenda and dew tour on partnering for first time

Dew Tour and Agenda wil merge their efforts into one giant four day festival that celebrates all things music, lifestyle and action sports. Photo: Crosland

So it was a bit of a no-brainer for these two entities to come together, especially when they learned that their event dates in the heart of the city at Long Beach Convention Center were overlapping for Summer 2018.

"From our standpoint it just made sense to combine our efforts into one massive consumer and industry skate and action sports lifestyle event," says Dew Tour Vice President and General Manager Adam Cozens. "Their efforts and ours are really complimentary to one another."

Agenda Show and ComplexCon Show Director Neil Wright echoed those sentiments, adding: "We thought that it was a great opportunity to come together to make both events even bigger and better."

In addition to the events consumers and the industry have grown to love, both Agenda and Dew Tour are adding some new dimensions, including an inaugural women's skate contest at Dew, and Agenda's first-time apparel capsule in collaboration with famed artist and skater Mark “GONZ” Gonzales – to name just a few.

We caught up with Cozens and Wright to hear more details about what we can expect from the first-ever Agenda Show x Dew Tour this week, June 28-July 1, in Long Beach.

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dew tour and agenda on partnering for first time

A look at the 2017 Agenda Festival’s outdoor stage.

What does it mean for the future success and growth of Dew Tour to be partnered with Agenda show and festival this summer?

Cozens: Having the two next to one another gives us an opportunity to be introduced to the audience that attends Agenda – the fans and influencers who come for the hottest lifestyle products and music. Now they’ll be front and center with Dew Tour. It’s symbiotic really, because many of our fans will most certainly take advantage of the music and pop up shops, as well. 

What do you think each individual event brings to the table? What are the differences and similarities between the audiences?

Wright: I think the our audiences are fairly similar but the events content compliment each other very well. Dew Tour will draw the core skate crowd; we have a component that speaks to that audience but then we have other pillars within surf and streetwear. Our music line up is our biggest differentiator and think it will be a draw for attendees of both events.

dew tour and agenda on partnering for first time

A sneak peek at what guests can expect to see in the newly imagined custom bar from furniture designer Eric Trine. Image courtesy of Dew Tour

Cozens: Dew Tour brings the competition, skaters, live and linear broadcast, and social components. In addition to our Dew Tour On the Green festival hosting major art and culture components like Love and Guts, Secret Walls and a custom bar from local furniture designer Eric Trine.

Agenda brings the pop-up shopping experience and a solid line-up of music to the table for consumers. I think both properties bring the industry together. The skateboard industry is deep in attendance at Dew Tour. Agenda’s trade show component will bring other action sports industry leaders and lifestyle brands. 

How do you foresee the two events coming together from a logistics standpoint? Has it required more planning or any additional staffing or resources? 

Wright:Logistically, it was fairly easy to come together, but it did require a bit more planning to make sure we made decisions collaboratively with Dew Tour.

Our main focus throughout the planning process was to make sure the experience was as smooth as possible for our attendees.

dew tour and agenda on partnering for first time

With Agenda Show happening June 28-29 (closed to the public) and Agenda Festival, June 30-July 1, combined with Dew Tour, running the entire four days, the two events should easily double their attendance. Photo: Tasha Bleu

What is the predicted combined audience size for an event of this kind? How much larger will the turnout be compared to last summer?
Cozens: Our goal is to grow attendance by approximately 50% this year with our combined efforts.
Dew Tour is also adding some new features – most notably the women’s contest. How do you think this will impact the way the  skate world views this event?
Cozens: Adding women’s street and park is huge for us and hopefully the same for the athletes.  We're thrilled to offer them the courses and media platform to help propel women’s skateboarding further!    

We can all agree that the face of skateboarding is changing, or will change once Tokyo 2020 hits. We’ve brought back women’s skate at a time when the progression in both park and street has been incredible.

dew tour and agenda on partnering for first time

The Gonz creating some of his iconic designs. Photo courtesy of Agenda

From Agenda's perspective, what are you most excited about for this summer's event?

Wright: It's hard to pick one thing but I'm really excited to see the reaction to our Agenda x Mark "GONZ" Gonzales collaboration. The team worked very hard on it and I think it turned out amazing.

What is the Dew Tour team most stoked on heading into this week?

dew tour and agenda on partnering for first time

Dew Tour’s Love + Guts art installation will coincide with a skate jam on the park course on Saturday, June 30.

Cozens: For sure adding the women’s comps! The new courses this year built by our partners at CA Ramp Works are looking really good. Of course the partnership with Agenda Fest, particularly on Saturday, is going to be a massive day for both properties. 

Plus, this year, we have greatly expanded our live-streaming distribution to OTT, and connected TVs. Using web, social media, OTT, connected TVs and television, we’ll be bringing Dew Tour in front of more than a half billion audiences worldwide. For example, if you have a Roku at home, you can search for Dew Tour, Transworld Skateboarding or ASN and you’ll be able to livestream the event.

Many of our partners – like Twitch, Xumo, DailyMotion and others – will be organically promoting the event on their channels as well. It’s an exciting time.

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