Adidas Snowboarding’s Evan LeFebvre on Footwear & Apparel Innovation and Future Landscape

For Adidas, the importance of its team couldn’t be bigger. The brand, which is a sub-division of adidas’ main headquarters in Portland, Oregon, has been building its boot program and most recently its outerwear.

“We’re like a small company within a really big company,” explains LeFebvre about the Adidas boot program. “We’re just trying to make that work and figure out how to tap into all the awesome resources that Adidas has, from production, to marketing, and beyond.”

Adidas Snowboarding's Evan LeFebvreTeam Manager Evan LeFebvre sat down with TransWorld Snowboarding Editor Gerhard Gross during The Sessions @ SIA to discuss how the company is working to evolve its programs moving into the future. One area of strong innovation is the Adidas Energy Boost boot, which borrows technology that was developed and successful for the running team.

“The boot has a lot of really cool technical properties that lend themselves really well to snowboarding, from energy return, to being resistant to being effected by temperature change—whether that’s warm or hot, as opposed to traditional EVA,” say LaFebvre.

Adidas first introduced the Energy Boost last season and have made several updates for Winter 15/16, while simultaneously working to update the fit of its outerwear program: “I think between footwear and apparel on the snow side, we’ve been making strides every season, if we keep on that same track we’re moving in a pretty good direction.”

LeFebvre discusses some new items on the outerwear side, including a softshell “snowboarding sweat pant,” as well as what it means now that one of their biggest competitors is no longer in the space. Watch it above.

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