Get excited! The new 7sky is out and coming to a newsstand near you but for now here are a few highlights you can expect from the latest issue of 7sky…

– Swatch TTR Champ Peetu Piiroinen in a short and exclusive interview by Tim Brodhagen.

– A beautiful skate Portfolio by Carhartt and their numerous photographers

– Skate-legend and ‘street-inventor’ Mark Gonzalez. In honor of 60 years Adidas. By Joel Espi

– Yes, mermaids exist! Her name is Hannah and the photographer who realized those amazing wildlife shots is nobody else than David Pu’u

– Element snowboarder and model Amy Purdy talks about her life with no legs. What an incredible and inspiring courage this girl has! Fascinating!

– A trip to an unchanged Perou and it’s famous waves with Stéphane Robin

– Discovery: Swiss snowboarder Mathieu Schaer, by Ivan Zwahlen

– A unique Verbier Nissan Xtreme Moment, beautifully written by Cira

– A ‘flirt’ story with the rocker and singer D. Out of the diary of a traveler girl. By Mara

– The most amazing ‘under waves’ photo shoot ever seen by Brian Bielmann!

Not to mention other interesting news, like Toto’s new Pomp it Up in Lausanne (how could we NOT present it?), and!

Thanks so much for your interest and we can’t wait til the mag gets to you! Visit for more information!