6th annual Exposure Skate contest elevates women skaters

Contest gives exposure to female skaters and raises awareness for at-risk communities.

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This story originally appeared on TransWorld SKATEboarding. Words by TransWorld SKATEboarding and photos by Jaime Owens.

This past Saturday, the sixth annual Exposure Skate event co-founded by our great friend Amelia Brodka was held at the Encinitas “Poods” skatepark.

2017 exposure skate contest

Amelia Brodka, tuck knee.

Every year, Exposure serves a dual purpose: to create opportunities for professional, amateur and beginning female skaters and to support at-risk communities by raising awareness, funding and resources for local non-profits.

2017 exposure skate contest

Lizzie Armanto, backside air.

So Amelia and her team are doing great things for the local community and continue to give back to skateboarding and beyond. Skaters from around the globe came to enter this one of a kind event, which is the biggest all-female skate contest in the world.

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2017 exposure skate contest

Poppy Starr, invert.

As always, we love seeing skateboarders using the power of skateboarding and reaching beyond its borders to benefit others. Great job Amelia and all the crew at Exposure Skate who helped put on the event. Below are just a few photos from this weekend's festivities. Keep killing it ladies!

2017 exposure skate contest

Jordyn Barratt, nosegrind

2017 exposure skate contest

Grace Marhoefer, backside air.

2017 exposure skate contest

Sakura Yosozumi, big backside air.

2017 exposure skate contest

Nora Vasconcellos wins the award for best helmet. Smith grind.

2017 exposure skate contest

Vanessa Torres, noseslide

2017 exposure skate contest

Arianna Carmona shredded! Fakie invert aka A Good Buddy.

2017 exposure skate contest

Rad way to wrap it up. Synchronized dancing.

See all the photos on TransWorld SKATEboarding. Full contest results at TheBoardr.com.

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