686 adds Victor Daviet, Laurent De Martin to team

The pro snowboarder and skier join the brand's global technical apparel team.

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686 adds victor daviet and laurent de martin
Photo: 686

PRESS RELEASE – One year after introducing Parker White as the first ever skier on their global pro team, 686 Technical Apparel is pleased to welcome three new faces to their team - Victor Daviet, Shuhei Sato, Laurent De Martin and Mike King.

Snowboarders Victor Daviet (France) and skier Laurent de Martin (LDM), (Switzerland) join the 686 Global Team, while skier Mike King joins the 686 Am ranks.

With an emphasis on video parts, including standout parts in Almo, Absinthe and most recently Transworld videos, Victor brings a fresh perspective on snowboarding and outdoor adventure to 686 and together with LDM will comprise the voice of 686 in France. Both hand-picked by Parker himself, Laurent (LDM) and King bring their own unique interpretations of terrain to all types of skiing. LDM currently has parts throughout Level 1's "Habit" and King is featured in The Big Picture's "Lite Years."

Vitctor, LDM and King will wear the 686 GLCR Project (https://www.686.com/collections/mens-glcr-collection) collection of technical outerwear and apparel inspired by backcountry exploration. They join 2x Back-to-Back Freeride World Tour champ Sammy Luebke, Forest Bailey, Matt Belzile, Phil Jacques, Tor Lundstrom, Mary Rand and a host of others. See below for reactions from the 686 crew.

"The last jacket I bought when I was 13 year's old was a yellow 686 one. I remember being super hyped on the technicality of the gear (mainly because there was a thermometer inside). Joining that talented family today is more than an honor and wearing their technical products again makes me want to go ride some deep powder far away in the backcountry." - Victor Daviet

"I’m really excited and proud to be a part of the new ski team of 686. I’ve always skied a lot with snowboarders and looked up to a brand like 686. The quality of the products, especially for the backcountry, is going to be a life changer for me. I can't wait to ski more & more pow with it. When I discovered the entry of Parker on the team I thought that was a such good move and once I received Parker's call, I was super into it." – Laurent De Martin

"This is the best gear I have ever had. Having quality gear enables you to push further by not worrying about elements beating down and continuing to focus on the tasks at hand is crucial. Plus, I back how 686 has been able to grow while sticking to their roots and giving back to the communities we live in. I am very excited to build this relationship." - Mike King

“I'm stoked to have Victor joining the team. I think he’ll bring some great European backcountry flavour to the table and hopefully bring some of his country’s wine on 686 trips.” - Matt Belzile, 686 Global Pro Snowboarder

“Laurent's versatility and style are what make his skiing so good. That and his positive attitude and passion towards life is contagious to everyone around him. Not only is King one of the best up and coming pow skiers but he's got an infectious positive attitude and morale towards life in general. It's people like this that make shredding so much fun." – Parker White, 686 Global Pro Skier

"Victor, LDM and King all bring something different to 686. We are a tight family here and these guys fit right in. I am excited for these guys to represent the GLCR Collection with their unique style and hardcore work ethic." -Patrick McCarthy, 686 Global Team Manager

"We are very excited to welcome these guys into our family. They are not only amazing snowboarders and skiers but they all have a certain thirst for the mountains and for life that is shared throughout 686. These are exciting times…" - Michael Akira West, 686 Founder & Creative Director

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