Body Glove has unveiled its newest product, the Legends Wetsuit, which is brand new for Fall 2012 and has already hit a wide range of core retailers. After taking a look at the Legend’s 60-Second Sell, we caught up with Specialty Sales Manager Mike Vavak to learn more.

Why does Body Glove feel like there is a need for this type of wetsuit in the market?

I hear older surfers frequently comment on how hard it is to get in and out of their Chest Zip or the new shortened back zips. It's pretty simple at the end of the day: Just listen to what surfers want. We listened and this is the result.

What sets the suit apart from others that you make?

To start we extended the zipper by 3 inches. We also gave the upper torso a fuller cut.

What materials are used with the Legends suit?

Here is the 4-1-1 on the entre suit: Legends was made in honor of Body Glove founders Bob and Bill Meistrell and designed for the more mature surfer. You will have no problem getting in and out of this suit with an extended zipper and fuller upper body cut. The Legends also features 100% Eco-Flex throughout, the purest form on non-toxic stretch material on the planet: Environmentally friendly non-petroleum bio-stretch rubber which has anti-microbial properties , organic water-based inks, interior flood gate, nano tritec kneepads, 100% exterior fluid seal, and unfinished wrists and ankles.

What are you most stoked on about this product and why?

I'm stoked that the Legends wetsuit makes surfing easy for a demographic that found some of the new wetsuits difficult. At the end of the day surfing is about fun and being stoked. This suit keeps the stoke going for a generation that taught most of us to surf. Stay Stoked!

That’s a lot of stoke. Anything else you’d like to add that I didn’t bring up?

The launch of a wetsuit to honor Bob and Bill Meistrell couldn't of happened at a better time. Body Glove is celebrating our 60-year anniversary right now. I'm proud to be part of such a long history that started with two twin brothers looking for a way to spend more time in the water. I want to say thank you to both Bob and Bill. True Legends.