In 1989, Darkside began its rise to East Coast super-shopdom in a small space on Killington Road furnished with sandblasted junkyard fixtures, construction lighting, and a counter raised from 55-gallon drums.  Following a much grander vision, Darkside now operates three brick and mortar locations: one in Okemo, one in Stowe, and another 4,500-square-foot pad in Killington flanked by its own lighted skatepark.

“The brands we work with know that we are CORE when it comes to our sport. We can fix it, ride it, sell it, create it and we live it- we truly are a one of a kind snowboard shop.” – Team Darkside

A simple philosophy—to have fun, treat everyone the way you want to be treated and ride everyday—and an allegiance to core brands, has helped Darkside build a loyal following up and down the East Coast and beyond. At Darkside, they realize the need for core retailers to be fearless, to take chances on new product and push the envelope of snowboarding. With a team of employees riding everyday, in all conditions, Darkside is able to thoroughly test their buys and provide a brand and product mix tailored to the needs and wants of any Vermont rider.

“This is what we do and we try to be the very best at it.” -Team Darkside

Though they were selected as the top retailer in the Northeast in the TransWorld Business Industry Retail Awards by the brands they carry and the reps they work with, Darkside is keen on progress and looks to continue improvement across the board, fine-tuning their buying and merchandising, and strengthening relationships with vendors and customers both old and new.

True to form, the Darkside crew keeps it loose and gets after some spring action in the park: