Viva Las Vegas’ Let It Roll Skateboard Shop


Las Vegas, Nevada’s Let It Roll Owner Tim Lay has been skateboarding, filming, and working at skate shops since he was young. Together, with his wife Alicia who has experience in boutique retail, they have crafted the shop into a skate shop and specialty retail hybrid . Although the shop is fairly new to the game, opening its doors nearly 3 years ago this September, Let It Roll has already developed strong relationships with big name brands like Deluxe, Baker Boys, and Girl, and are working to perfect their customer retention strategy, which has seen steady growth.

Like many small boutiques, Lay and his wife work hard to hand pick the most unique pieces from the brands carried, and are known for having an “ever-changing selection week after week,” according to Lay. The shop is also striving to grow the skate community in their area, by generating hype and encouraging participation through events like Go Skate Day, for example. We caught up with the busy shop owner to learn more about Let It Roll’s history, what’s been selling, latest happenings, and future plans for Let It Roll.

Store Name and Contact Information     

Let It Roll
3385 S. Durango Dr. Suite F. Las Vegas, NV 89117
Phone: (702) 240-7655 (ROLL)
Email: [email protected]

Number of locations?

Just one!

Square footage?    


How long has your store been around?

We’ll be celebrating three years on September 17th, 2013

Experience before opening your own shop?    

I worked at SubSkates here in Las Vegas after college and have been skating and filming since I was young. My wife Alicia has been in boutique retail for years. It was a perfect mix of expertise.

Do you have an online store?     

Not yet, but we’re working on it…

Percentage of inventory dedicated to hardgoods?     30%

Percentage of inventory dedicated to men’s apparel? 30%

Percentage of inventory dedicated to junior’s apparel? 0% – We do not currently offer sizes below adult.

Percentage of inventory dedicated to accessories?    10%

Percentage of inventory dedicated to footwear? 30%

Percentage of inventory dedicated to sandals? 0%- we don’t carry sandals!!

What are your top three most profitable product categories? Shoes, Shirts, and Headwear

What has been the single best-selling brand over the past six months?   Anything from Deluxe!

Who are the top three reps that service your store and what makes them special?

1 – I would say collectively Pete, Jon, Damon, and Jim from DELUXE.  We have built an amazing partnership over the 3 years, and sometimes I pinch myself about how down they are for our small store.  Plus, we are so inspired by what they do for Johnny Kicks Cancer.

2 – Scotty Copalman from Baker Boys – He just has all the right ingredients, and he’s a great rep.  We just love the guy, and Baker Boys in general.  Everything they do is nothing short of…KILLER!

3 – Jamie Walsh with Girl -From ensuring our store receives the ‘Select’ Series from Girl to including us on amazing projects like the OG Wooden Doll Project celebrating 20 years of Girl, he always treats our store like royalty.  Sometimes I’m really shocked how well the skate industry has embraced us.  Another one of the "I gotta pinch myself" moments for sure!

What is your overall impression of the local market over the past six months?

It’s been great. Lately we have found our market craves a more personalized experience with products that aren’t found at every mall store. We offer a truly different skate store experience, and we don’t stray from our roots in core skate. New people continue to seek out our store, and they walk away with a great experience and amazing product. We have a high customer retention rate and we continue to focus on growing that type of personal relationship. It kicks butt!

What store (or multiple stores) are your closest competition?

Industrial Rideshop, Powder & Sun, and Pharmacy all have stores in the city.

Overall expectations for your business over the next 6-12 months?

We just hope to continue to support and grow the skate community here in Las Vegas.  We’ve seen some great positive results in our (almost) 3 year existence.  We hope that the local skate community keeps flourishing, and that as a business we continue our consistent positive trend.

Is your shop altering the way you buy for 2014?

We always re-visit our buying strategies.

If yes, how are you altering your buying?

We are really in tune with what our customers want to see in Let It Roll, and that influences our buying.  For 2014, we are focusing on carrying the most special pieces that brands have to offer.  We are also continuing to buy smaller quantities at a time but much more frequently as opposed to placing one huge order for the season.  We have a boutique mentality: get it before it's gone!  We are now known for our ever-changing selection week by week. Every piece we bring in gets the attention it deserves.

Is your shop working closer with any particular brands?  

We had a wonderful opportunity to work with Heel Bruise for their Holiday 2011 collection. Richard Mulder actually approached us about collaborating on a t shirt!  I’m still shocked, and beyond stoked we got to do something like that.  Working with some of your childhood heroes can turn out to be pretty cool.

What are some things brands are doing to work with your shop?

Brands are always great about helping us out with events. If we’re throwing an anniversary party, celebrating Go Skate Day, or having a big Black Friday sale they are often happy to promo some prizes for our guests. Companies seem pretty psyched on what we do, so in return we like to promote the great things they do as well.  Some will also work with us on trading out merchandise that was not successful for us. That is a HUGE help for a small family store like ours.