Photos Courtesy of Crystal Ashby

Chaparral Motorsports started with humble beginnings as a family motorcycle parts shop and is now currently one of the biggest motorcycle accessory and vehicle dealerships in the United States. Not only do they carry a huge variety of gear and vehicles, they have since sponsored moto icons like Jeremy McGrath, Tim Ferry, and Steve Lamson and remain the first non-factory team to ever win a Supercross Championship.

The megastore recently remodeled their Motocross Gear Department this past June expanding it into a 4,000 square feet space offering customers an optimal shopping experience. The gear is now displayed in a head-to-toe package for easy browsing and allows the customer to get a full view of an outfit along with easy access to the displayed gear. This innovative expansion makes the San Bernardino store a one-stop shop for all of your motocross needs.

We caught up with Chaparral’s VP of Marketing Crystal Ashby to discuss store logistics and to learn more about the top-ranked motocross superstore.

Store Name and Contact Information

Chaparral Motorsports

555 South H Street

San Bernardino, CA 92410



Number of locations?


Square Footage?

160,000 square feet

How long has your store been around?

Over 30 years

Experience before opening your own shop?

Motorcycle road racing. A passion for the sport drove the business interest.

Do you have an online store?

Yes, www.chapmoto.com

What percentage of your business is online vs. brick and mortar?

40% online and 60% brick and mortar.

Percentage of inventory dedicated to hardgoods?

Our hardgoods would be considered as motorcycles and ATVs, so 40%.

Percentage of inventory dedicated to men’s apparel?


Percentage of inventory dedicated to junior’s apparel?


Percentage of inventory dedicated to accessories?


Percentage of inventory dedicated to footwear?


What are your top three most profitable product categories?

Motorcycle helmets, men’s apparel/riding gear and eyewear.

What has been the single best-selling brand over the past six months?

Fox Racing

What are the top three reps that service your store and what makes them special?

Scott Davis, Fox Racing; Scott is always looking for opportunities that not only benefit the Fox brand, but also benefits Chaparral. He also keeps us informed on what’s going on in the industry.

Erhen Klein, Tucker Rocky; Ehren is always looking for new and fresh ways to expand our business relationship like sponsoring social media contests and in sotre events or bringing in a merchandising expert to provide support to our sales team in key merchandising principles.

Darren Sanford, Oakley; Darren keeps our purchasing and sales team abreast of new products. He also consistently trains and informs our staff about the new and current product, which results in increased sales.

What is your overall impression of the local market over the past six months?

It’s slow, but growing.

What store (or multiple stores) are your closest competition?

Mobile phones are our biggest competition. We are seeing an ever present problem with customer’s “showrooming” in our store, and then ordering online for a perceived better price.

Is your shop altering the way you buy for 2014?


Is your shop working closer with any particular brands? 

We try to cultivate every brand relationship that we have.

What are some things brands are doing to work with your shop?

Co-op Custom POP display like our new Motocross Gear area, Wall Wraps in our Helmet and Street Motorcycle Gear Department, Gifts with Purchase in Store, and Event and Social Media Contest sponsorships that drive floor traffic.

Where can we find you on your lunch break? 

Grabbing a sandwich at Jersey Mike’s, while updating the Chaparral Motorsports Instagram account.

If you could have any superpower what would it be?

Mind reading or the stretching powers of ElastiGirl from The Incredibles.

Favorite local place to eat/grab a beer?

The Mexico Cafe

Overall expectations for your business over the next 6-12 months?

We expect to see growth over the next 6-12 months. Consumers are more able and open to spend. Our business is tied to motorcycle financing, as a significant percentage of hardgoods are sold during the motorcycle financing process. Financing is becoming more available, which should result in better sales over the next year.