2017 STATE OF SURF Q2 report is now available

Event to follow at TWS Skatepark in Carlsbad October 4, 2017.

CARLSBAD, Calif., October 3, 2017 - TRANSWORLD BUSINESS has released its 2017 STATE OF SURF Q2 report, which focuses on consumer purchasing habits as it relates to a youth demographic that is interested in surfing and surf culture.

The report is now available to purchase: DOWNLOAD STATE OF SURF 2017 Q2 Report

2017 STATE OF SURF Q2 report

To bring this new data to life, TRANSWORLD BUSINESS will host an event highlighting the most important findings from 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. Wednesday, October 4, at TEN's Carlsbad headquarters in the TWS Skatepark.

To register for the event, visit the STATE OF SURF 2017 Q2 Eventbrite page.

“We’re excited to release the Second Quarter STATE OF SURF report,” said GrindTV and TRANSWORLD BUSINESS General Manager, Aaron Carrera. “The retail landscape is evolving at a rapid speed, and we hope the surf industry is able to act on findings to better their business.”

The report, which is available in quarterly downloads this year, was created in partnership with youth marketing and research agency Label Networks. This quarter's findings explore consumer purchasing habits, taking a deep look at where youth are buying and what is influencing them overall.

"As the retail landscape becomes increasingly fragmented, its imperative for our community to take a look at what's happening at a broad level and apply some of these findings to help sustain and grow businesses through challenging times," said TRANSWORLD BUSINESS Editor Kailee Bradstreet.

The event will feature several case study discussions with industry leaders, including Josh Bernard, CEO of Surf Ride, Nixon VP / Sales of the Americas Brian White, and Hookit CEO Scott Tilton. Label Networks Senior Vice President Kathleen Gasperini will also discuss how the agency's youth data is gathered and what it means to the surf industry.

For more information about the TRANSWORLD BUSINESS STATE OF SURF 2017, visit stateof.grindtv.com or @twbiz /@transworldbiz


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