To coincide with our release of the 2017 STATE OF SURF First Quarter report — available to purchase HERE — TRANSWORLD BUSINESS is hosting an afternoon of thought-provoking discussions at Holiday in Costa Mesa, from 2-5 p.m. Tuesday, June 20.

2017 STATE OF SURF First Quarter Event

Register for the 2017 STATE OF SURF First Quarter event HERE.

The First Quarter STATE OF SURF report delves into a critical topic: the youth market, specifically ages 13 to 25, and which sports, activities and lifestyle connections they most closely associate with.

This year, we partnered with youth marketing and research agency Label Networks to tap into a broad audience of roughly 3,000 youth who say they are the most interested in surf and beach culture.

Although surfing as a sport ranked low in participation numbers, it was ranked at the top of the list when it comes to sports youth most aspire to learn.

2017 state of surf first quarter event

The demographic we are looking at here include those that name surfing as the sport they most want to learn. What follows are the top three additional sports that are of interest to them. Entire list of 30 sports can be found within the report.

As a way to further the discussion around growing our community, we looked at a few of the standout, recurring themes within this first quarter data; a major one that cropped up throughout was the importance of authentically speaking to women. According to our data, females who want to learn how to surf or skate consistently make up higher percentages compared to their male counterparts.

While more companies are beginning to realize the influence and buying power of this audience, the surf community has historically been led by male executives and decision makers at the business level. Seeking the advice of those brands that have thrived by taking a different route, we reached out to Richer Poorer Co-founder Iva Pawling to lead our keynote discussion. Pawling has been at the forefront of Richer Poorer’s strategy across the board and within the women’s market.

Also joining us for a case study discussion is Vans Surf Marketing Director Scott Sisamis, who will break down how Vans speaks to the youth market across multiple lifestyle crossovers through its House of Vans and Duct Tape Festival, among other consumer experiences.

We’ll also hear from RVCA VP of Global Marketing Brian Cassaro and Women’s Marketing Manager Alli Perez about bringing their women’s division in-house and strengthening their relationship with RVCA’s female consumer.

Join us Tuesday, June 20, at Holiday in Costa Mesa, Calif., to discuss these and other important topics facing the surf community.Register here.


The STATE OF SURF 2017 is here