Go Skateboarding Day 2013 has arrived, and most retailers agree that with more than 30 million skateboards globally, this is a day to draw awareness to the sport and how your business supports it. Some of the most successful shops have come up with game plans around this GSD 2013, including Phoenix’s  Cowtown, which is hosting the premiere of the Sk8Mafia Video STEE at its  downtown shop, followed by a skate session and product toss at a "secret location."

“There is a lot of value, both business and personal, in having events and hyping up the local skate scene,” says Cowtown Co-Owner Trent Martin. “The way I see it is this is our chance as retailers to give back to skateboarding by hopefully turning new kids onto it, and keeping the scene going for everyone who is already a part of it.  Besides that…it’s fun. Skateboarding’s the best.”

On the brand front, there’s hundreds of skate companies getting involved in GSD, including Supra’s skate session at LA’s Hollenbeck Park, a free session at North County San Diego’s Aura Skatepark, and a Nike SB Go Skate Day marathon in New York City, kicking off at Maloof Park and ending with an undisclosed shred session locale somewhere within the city. Steamboat Springs, Colorado based skate shop Urbane scaled down their festivities this year to an in-shop promotion around GSD, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be celebrating the stoke just as much as other shops elsewhere, according to Co-Owner Trent Kolste, who will actually be in Alaska for the big day.

#GoSkateboardingDay Instagram Feed:

“I will be celebrating go skate day at Wasilla skate park!” Kolste says via email. “The rest of the crew will be skating or working. One of our employees who is also the Smokin Snowboards/Longboards Rep for Colorado is gonna be hosting a skate event at our concrete skatepark, too!”

Looking for a spot to skate today? Look no further. TransWorld SKATE has you covered, wherever you might be in the world:

Follow the jump to read about what IASC is up to for GSD, which includes them giving away more than 1,000 skateboards to youth in Washington, D.C.

Giving Back

This year, IASC and the Go Skateboarding Foundation will distribute 1,000 complete skateboards to local youth in Washington D.C. as part of its Just One Board recycling initiative.

Launched in 2012, GSF's Just One Board recycling initiative program collects and refurbishes used, but functional, skateboard equipment, re-assembles it with the help of local skateshops and distributes the complete skateboards to local community organizations for underprivileged youth. Last year, Just One Board partnered with the Lower 9th Ward Village, the Tony Hawk Foundation, the Make It Right Foundation, Humidity Skate Shop and Urban 9 Skateshop, to distribute 1,000 complete skateboards to kids in New Orleans' Lower 9th Ward neighborhood.

Innoskate 2013

IASC and the Smithsonian's Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation are gearing up to kick off Innoskate, a public festival located at the National Museum of American History on the National Mall, on Friday, June 21st in conjunction with GSD this year. The festival was named aptly to reflect skate culture's widespread innovative spirit.

"Working on a skateboarding event with the Smithsonian's Lemelson Center is by far the most surreal moment of my career. It's amazing that this idea Don Brown had to get together with some friends on the Huntington Beach pier and celebrate skateboarding 10 years ago has grown to a point where we're being invited to share our love of skateboarding on such an amazing stage," said Josh Friedberg, Executive Director of IASC.

The public festival will get started Friday evening, with a showing of Bones Brigade: An Autobiography, with special appearances by members of the Bones Brigade in the museum's Warner Bros. Theater. On Saturday, June 22nd, there will be panel discussions throughout the day that address evolving technology such as decks, wheels and trucks as well as innovations in tricks and skate fashion, and demonstrations by pro and invited skaters on a mini-ramp built on the museum's terrace facing the National Mall. Participants scheduled to attend include Tony Hawk and Rodney Mullen. Innoskate will close with an evening screening of Waiting for Lightning. For a full schedule of events, visit : http://innoskate2013.tumblr.com/

"Skateboarding is surrounded by a culture of inventive creativity and imagination," said Jeffrey Brodie, Deputy Director of the Lemelson Center. "Skateboarders are similar to inventors in viewing the world from a unique perspective—what it has the potential to be. Innoskate will be a deep look into an American invention that has become a global phenomenon."

Go Skateboarding Day Poster

While GSD is celebrating its 10th Anniversary, the GSD poster is celebrating 5 years since its inception. In 2008, the first collectable GSD poster was introduced as a way to bring more awareness to Go Skateboarding Day. Posters are designed each year by well-known artists and professional skateboarders and in the past have included Ed Templeton, Steve Caballero, Shepard Fairey, Jim Phillips and Natas Kaupas.

This year's Go Skateboarding Day poster was created with Grant Brittain's iconic push photo of Tod Swank and over 6,000 Instagram images tagged #goskateboardingday in 2012. A limited number of posters and prints are available for sale online with all proceeds going to support the Go Skateboarding Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.

Go Skateboarding Day began as a small group of colleagues skating to the Huntington Beach Pier in California and has grown into a global phenomenon. Last year, millions of skateboarders participated in more than 500 events held worldwide in countries like Columbia, South Africa, China, Philippines, Afghanistan, Czech Republic and Brazil. Go Skateboarding Day works to honor and unite participants in the spirit of skateboarding and, since its 2004 inception, has prompted cities to build skate parks, promoted local skate shops and raised money for local charities.

For more information and to find local GSD events, visit Facebook http://facebook.com/goskateboardingday. Follow GSD on Instagram @goskateboardingday and use the hashtag #goskateboardingday to let the world know what you're doing for GSD!