This story was produced with support from Weedmaps.

The Weedmaps Skate and BMX team recently took a trip from Long Beach to Sacramento to film the new #LBC2SAC video series.

Tommy Sandoval

Tommy Sandoval, noseblunt-slide outside the Sacto Air Bnb. Photo: Courtesy of Weedmaps

Episode 1 of #LBC2SAC is filled with explosive riding from the Weedmaps athletes.

The team was able to stop at Connected Cannabis Co. shops and grow houses to educate themselves at patient appreciation days.

Stevie Churchill

Stevie Churchill having his fun. Photo: Courtesy of Weedmaps

Thanks to all the sponsors for making it happen: Connected, Flav, Puff-Pre Rolls and Care By Design.

pharmacy boardshop

Where the tour began, Pharmacy, LBC. Photo: Courtesy of Weedmaps

Stevie Churchill

Stevie Churchill layin’ out a massive wallroad. Photo: Courtesy of Weedmaps

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