Final Qualifier for the Prestigious Vans Triple Crown of Surfing

Sunset Beach

HONOLULU (Aug. 26, 2010) – After 26 successful years, the Xcel Pro at Sunset Beach, Oahu, October 28-November 10, will take on a new title sponsor in 2010 – Hawaiian Island Creations – to become the HIC Pro. The HIC Pro will upgrade to an $85,000 ASP-sanctioned 4-star event and will be the final qualifier for the prestigious Vans Triple Crown of Surfing that commences November 12. The HIC Pro will be staged on the best three days of surf within the holding period.

The HIC Pro is a critical event for Hawaii’s aspiring pro surfers. As the final ASP regional contest of the year, it not only crowns the 2010 ASP Hawaii regional champion, but will also qualify six aspiring locals to compete on the world’s premier surfing stage: the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing.

“When the Xcel Pro first started, HIC was one of the first co-sponsors to partner with them,” said Stephen Tsukiyama, President of HIC. “So it gives us a really good feeling to return to the event now and promote competitive surfing in Hawaii again. We are very proud to get behind the largest locally sponsored event in Hawaii and to play a qualifying role in the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing.”

The Vans Triple Crown of Surfing brings over 200 of the world’s top ranked surfers to the North Shore of Oahu and offers more than $900,000 in prize money, world titles, Vans Triple Crown titles, and an international gallery of media and industry representatives. As the ultimate showcase and showdown in one, the Vans Triple Crown presents local surfers with the opportunity to kickstart their professional career; hence the importance of the HIC Pro in earning a place on that international stage.

“As Vans continues to expand its role in surfing, and with Hawaii as a focal point, partnering with HIC is a tremendous step in the right direction,” says Vans’ VP of Marketing Doug Palladini. “It’s an honor for Vans and HIC to carry forth the tradition of this event at Sunset.”

Randy Rarick, Executive Director for both ASP Hawaii and the Vans Triple Crown has seen it unfold from all perspectives: “The Xcel Pro has been a cornerstone in the career of every pro surfer we’ve seen come out of the Islands and HIC will fulfill an important role for future generations in Hawaii.”

HIC Pro Past Champions Honor Roll
1984 Kerry Terukina
1985 Denton Miyamura
1986 Hans Hedemann
1987 Ronnie Burns
1988 Michael Ho
1989 Richard Schmidt (California)
1990 Michael Ho
1991 Michael Ho
1992 Sunny Garcia
1993 Kaipo Jaquias
1994 Derek Ho
1995 Kaipo Jaquias
1996 Michael Ho
1997 Andy Irons
1998 Pancho Sullivan
1999 Bruce Irons
2000 Pancho Sullivan
2001 Gavin Beschen (California)
2002 Fred Pattachia
2003 Pancho Sullivan
2004 Fred Pattachia
2005 Ian Walsh
2006 Evan Valiere
2007 Joel Centeio
2008 Pancho Sullivan
2009 Hank Gaskell