Joel Parkinson

Joel Parkinson sits in the driver seat. Let’s see if he can make it through the final two laps! Photo: ASP

World Title Scenarios Headed Into Santa Cruz
Like any sport, those who are the most in the know have money on the line. How do you think Vegas thrives? That's right, the house always wins. Below are the 2012 World Title scenarios courtesy of

ASP WCT World Title Race Scenarios going into Santa Cruz. There are 5 ASP World Title Contenders going into Santa Cruz…

In other words, Joel Parkinson can only clinch the title in Santa Cruz if he wins the event and Kelly Slater gets a 13th or worse and Mick Fanning gets a 9th or worse. If Joel gets a 2nd place or worse it will go to Pipeline Masters regardless of the other contenders results. Kelly cannot win the World Title in Santa Cruz. Even with a 1st place and Joel a 25th it will go to Pipe, which is what everyone is hoping for.