2014 World Surf League champion Gabriel Medina’s stepdad has been suspended from attending WSL contests until April 2017, according to a press release from the WSL.

Charles Rodrigues is the animated stepdad/coach of Brazil’s first world champion, and can almost always be seen during Medina’s heats whistling, yelling and coaching from the beach.

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According to the press release, there was “an incident involving League officials in Portugal last season,” which had sparked the suspension to begin in October of last year.

Gabriel Medina and Charles Rodrigues embracing before a heat at the 2016 Portugal event where the incident occurred. Photo: Courtesy of Kelly Cestari/World Surf League

No one is clear on what exactly happened, but Medina did lose out of the MEO Rip Curl Pro Portugal in a close round three heat against Jeremy Flores. Medina needed to go deep into the event to send the world title race with John Florence to the Billabong Pipe Masters. And after his close loss to Flores, apparently something happened between Rodrigues and WSL officials.

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Rodrigues also offered an apology in the WSL press release, saying:

“I regret my actions in Portugal last October. That is not the kind of person I strive to be and does not reflect the values of my family. It was an intense part of the season and I responded poorly to it. I want to apologize to the WSL, the officials and supporters of this community. This sport has given everything to my family and continues to provide a platform for the world’s best surfers. Good luck to everyone this season.”

The suspension keeps Rodrigues from the Australian leg of the beginning of the 2017 Championship Tour season.