Winter Storm Grayson brought freezing temps and heavy surf

This was not normal winter storm surf for the East Coast ...

Winter Storm Grayson was not kind to the entirety of the East Coast at the end of last week -- even Florida saw snow. The Bombogenesis was essentially the power of a hurricane combined with the temperatures of the coldest winter storms.

Initially this seemed like it would be create some optimal winter storm conditions for surf, but it was quickly realized on Thursday morning that the whiteout conditions, 40-mph-plus winds and sub-zero windchill temperatures were not going to put much on offer in most places.

Here’s a brief rundown up and down the East Coast and what surfers had to go through just to get a few fleeting glimpses. You might call them crazy, but on the East Coast they’re just surfers.

The South

North Carolina and Florida had their moments, but they were also at the hands of brutal temperatures and winds -- and surf that was created at the hand of a powerful storm that was just a little too close to groom it like it needed to be.

Nonetheless, a few in North Carolina and Florida still scored some views.

Today was pretty damn chill

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New Jersey/New York

The Northeast offered an even less brief window for rideable surf, as sub-zero temperatures were already being experienced before Grayson even came along -- hence the reason the rare Slurpee Wave in Nantucket returned.

But the whiteout conditions did not stop dedicated East Coasters from giving it a go here in the Northeast. As mentioned, there were certainly brief windows, but you had to pay to play to earn them.


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You out there?! #Yewwville #Grayson

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New England

A few that got away #grayson #coldwatersurf

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Further north didn’t provide much respite from the power of the storm, as cars in Boston were frozen in a few feet of ice on the streets and surfers were tasked with braving even harsher conditions than their brethren further south.

More Slurpee Waves

If that weren’t enough, the swell dissipated pretty quickly. But it left behind some slurpee waves in regions that aren’t used to seeing that. Like out on Long Island, New Jersey and even a bit of slush all the way down to North Carolina.

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