West Coast And Hawaiian Islands Weekly Surf Forecast

So far this springtime has been shaping up to be a pretty active one…the South Pacific has been kicking ass and taking names and even the North Pacific has been getting an occasional blast of windswell into the mix to combo things up from time to time. The next week looks like surf from both side of the Pacific will continue…and we might even see some tropical action start to brew up…let's hope some of these trends hold into summer (and that some of them, uh…like the 30 knot onshore winds that have been plaguing SoCal for instance, go away).

North Pacific
The North Pacific continues to show some activity…but again it is mostly in the form of stronger trade winds (for Hawaii) and NW winds (along the West Coast) that aren't very good at making surf.


Long-range is showing some activity but I am not sure how much I believe the charts as we move out past a few days…check out the sea-level-pressure chart. It is definitely showing some more organized storm action forming up under the Aleutians.


If this lives up to forecasts Hawaii would see some short-period overhead+ NNW swell moving in around the 30-31st of May. Northern California would follow close behind with an overhead to a few feet overhead WNW-NW swell that would hit around the 1st of June…again the swell would be medium-short period, but it looks a little more organized than the other spring NW windswells that have hit over the last few weeks. SoCal wouldn't see much from this system…most of the fetch is outside the SoCal swell window…but there might be a few new waves filtering into the extreme NW exposed breaks.

South Pacific
The SPAC continues to crank out swell after swell…most of the West Coast is still seeing some energy from the bigger S-SSW swell that hit over last weekend…and to top it off we have a couple of smaller S-SW swells that will pulse up over the next few days and help to keep the head high to slightly overhead surf on tap through the end of the month (and likely through the beginning of June).


The latest developing system is pulling together around the 140W longitude mark…it is a very South-to-North oriented storm with 40-45 knots of wind blowing along a couple thousand miles of fetch. This storm is well positioned to send a raw, 10-15 foot, S swell to Tahiti and a smaller more organized S swell on up to Hawaii as well (hitting around the 31st of May).


The West Coast will see a slightly more SSW-SW version of this swell that hits with some initial energy around May-31 and June-1…but the meat of the energy hitting around June 2-3rd. This one looks good for shoulder-head high surf at the better than average S facing spots with some overhead sets at the standout breaks.

Further out the SPAC continues to be pretty fired up…while the storms aren't set in concrete yet it does look like we are going to see at least playful S-SW swell hitting all along the West Coast on down through Mainland Mex and Central America for at least the first week of June and probably all the way through to the middle of the month.

East Pacific Tropics
Yep this region is starting to wake up…I guess it got the memo…all of a sudden there is a large patch of thunderstorms forming off Central America that has some moderate potential of becoming some sort of a tropical system over the next couple of days. If winds aloft become more favorable it looks like we might get the first tropical depression (or storm) by the end of the week…don't plan on it happening for sure…there is still a lot of funky winds moving through the area that will hamper its formation.


That is it for now…check back on Friday for the weekend update!

Adam Wright
TransWorld SURF Forecaster