As promised, our European Allies have lifted the iron curtain surrounding Wave Garden, the new top secret Wave Pool hidden deep in Spain’s Basque Country. Unlike previously built pools, the wave garden utilizes a pond or lake instead of a man-made, chlorinated pool, thus eliminating a large chunk of cost issues generally associated with wave pool technology. The concept was created and refined by 2 Spanish business partners who previously built skate parks, and decided to take that concept into the water. After 6 plus years of research and development, here we are. These images and videos are from their 2010 prototype, which seemed to provide some rideable little lefts, but nothing exciting unless you’re on a longboard. Apparently they are working on pumping out shoulder high waves with a barrel by this summer. If these Spaniards are able to pull this off, it would be quite a milestone in surfing history. Between this and Kelly Slater’s Wave Company, a viable future in wave pools is starting to look more and more realistic.

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Wavegarden (Extended) from wavegarden on Vimeo.