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It’s been a little over five months since Kelly Slater blew the collective surfing world’s mind by unveiling his beautiful, barreling wave pool in a short video that was shrouded in mystery. The video had surfers everywhere salivating for details. Where was the wave pool? When would we see more surfers riding it? When, if ever, would it open to the public?

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A scant few of those questions have been answered. While we now know that the wave pool is in Lemoore, California, we’re not sure when it may open to the public, if it does. But on Wednesday, for the first time, we finally saw footage of some of the world’s best surfers testing their abilities on the wave.

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The videos, uploaded to Slater’s account and to the Kelly Slate Wave Company account, featured himself, Nat Young, Carissa Moore, Kanoa Igarashi and legendary longboarder Robert “Wingnut” Weaver testing out the wave.

“This thing has got my mind boggled,” Slater wrote of the wave. “Thanks to each of you for your feedback and helping us test the wave and improve our technology.”

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“Everyone’s approach blew my mind and the smiles said it all,” Slater continued. “This is #TheBestToyInTheWorld. @stephaniegilmore and @josh_kerr84 are here with me today … Stay tuned for more in the coming days.”

Watch all of the videos on the Kelly Slate Wave Company Vimeo page.

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