Check out this closeout set at Waimea Bay that rolled in around 11am Hawaiian time. I was posted up at the top of the point with a group of people looking right into the pack when someone said, "Out the back!" and sure enough, the biggest set of the day nearly blacked out the horizon before cling out the channel at Waimea Bay.

Excuse the shaky camera work—I had to scramble up the rocks so as not to get swept away to certain death. Matter of fact, making my way back off the rocks, some tourist chick got smashed by a rogue wave and nearly sucked into the angry sea. She was shaken and wet from head to toe but okay.

Shit is getting nuts over here, there are choppers buzzing through the sky, sirens wailing down the Kam Highway, and a thousand people are at Waimea Bay watching a brave few charge thunderous peaks. Did I mention it's supposed to get bigger? Stay tuned…looks like “The Eddie” could run tomorrow!

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Waimea Bay closeout set 12/7/09

Waimea Bay closeout set 12/7/09 caught on the Vado HD video camera.