Ever taken a trawler and formed a perfect waist high, zippy pointbreak with the wake for only you and your buddies? Probably not, but it’s a great idea isn’t it? How much fun does it look??? But Wade Goodall, Laurie Towner, Bryce Young, Dean Brady, and Dane Ward didn’t just stop there. Wade’s concept of the “Rail Whale” goes for it’s first attempt. Plus a little Frankie does his first air, leading to hopefully years and years of that kid looking for his own lines out in the water. Quite a refreshing little clip, excuse me while I go surf…




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About Creative Destruction

Creative Destruction is a raw and firsthand look into the life and times of Wade Goodall.

A life unlike yours…

Wade's path recently came to a cross-roads; Freesurfing or Competitive surfing?

Wade chose the freesurfing option. The next options in Wade's path are up to you.

The direction of each chapter will be decided by your vote. At the end of each chapter two voting options will be available, two options that will be vastly different from each other. These 2 options will represent the contrasts of the projects title.

Creative and Destructive…

Settle down, this does not mean you get to vote on what Wade smashes up… What it does mean, is this, Creative Destruction is in your hands.

Welcome aboard!